18th Story Boosts Triosdom Media’s Brand Recognition Through The Power Of Visual Media

Summary: NYC-based 18th Story to produce marketing for new Triosdom Media TV series and films

18th Story, an illustration and animation studio based in New York City, known for creatively applying visual media as a powerful tool for brand recognition has partnered with Triosdom Media to develop visual storytelling for its brand. Triosdom Media, committed to high-quality film and television content for global audiences, focuses on large-scale, high-quality TV productions and diverse overseas distribution channels. With years of experience in the film and television industry, Triosdom’s team of writers, directors, and producers will continue to enhance the label’s influence and strengthen its core competitiveness in the industry.

In last year’s previous collaboration with Triosdom Media has proven 18th Story completely transformed Triosdom Media’s visual branding across digital and print media, creating graphic design and illustrations. Each design was unique yet recognizable as Triosdom Media’s branding.

This year’s partnership will see 18th Story create impactful stories of Triosdom Media to produce illustrated marketing materials for its upcoming films and TV series. The illustrations will depict animated characters in short comic form, and each issue will feature animations and three-dimensional effects for Triosdom Media’s new releases.

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