18th Story Transforms Visual Brand Recognition With White Cloud Partnership

New York-based creative studio 18th Story announces transformative new visual branding partnerships with White Cloud.

New York, NY, United States, 19th Nov 2022 – As part of the studio’s latest pursuit in digital and print development, 18th Story partnered with White Cloud to develop a series of animated illustrations to acclaim White Cloud’s art exhibitions via digital animation and print mediums. The project will extend from the animated exhibition series and culminate with a published book release with full illustrations.

White Cloud has partnered with 18th Story to significantly increase exposure for its exhibitions and its artists. Since its inception in 2011, White Cloud has developed an outstanding legacy as an artist-first gallery, presenting groundbreaking historical and contemporary art exhibitions. White Cloud supports diverse art forms and artists and shares their visionary work with audiences around the world by being at the forefront of artistic innovation. The gallery advances its mission through a robust program of projects – including exhibitions, artist outreach, public installations, institutional collaborations, and online platform exhibitions, among many others. In addition, White Cloud has published numerous books in close collaboration with artists, focusing on original artwork and introducing new voices to the art historical canon.

The gallery has also taken the lead in exploring the intersection of art and technology through its new business model, exhibition interpretation tools, and the cultivation of advanced studio practices on behalf of artists. 18th Story’s cutting-edge motion graphics illustrate and highlight the diversity of each art exhibition.

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