4ARTechnologies: Pioneering a Unified Digital Standard for the Global Art Industry



Zug, Switzerland, 19th Jan 2024 – The implementation of our cutting-edge technology results in a remarkable reduction of costs by up to 80%, accelerating the art handling process while enhancing security and trust. Through strategic collaborations with top-tier 4ART approved art experts, transaction costs are significantly reduced.


The 4ARTapp is a true industry disruptor, eliminating the need for costly experts in assessing art authenticity and revolutionizing the tedious and expensive process of condition reporting. It liberates users from the time-consuming management of art collections, offering a more efficient solution. Now, managing your art collection is not only cost-effective but also conveniently accessible through your mobile phone.

Paying for 4ARTapp services is flexible, offering two options: fiat money or the 4ARTcoin, available for purchase on the Bittrex Global exchange. Opting for the 4ARTcoin provides a notable 20% discount, a reward designed to acknowledge and appreciate the trust placed in 4ARTechnologies by its valued art customers. Don’t miss out on the chance to invest in the future of art management and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology and cost savings.



Art fraud has long been a concern, but the 4ARTapp has stepped in to eliminate this problem seamlessly. Through a quick scan using the mobile app, users can easily verify the authenticity of any registered artwork, ensuring a secure and trustworthy art market.

The use of blockchain and smart contracts in the 4ARTapp ensures a balance between transparency and privacy. Buyers and sellers can operate with confidence, knowing their privacy is protected while the provenance of the artwork is transparently maintained.

Managing art portfolios has never been easier. The 4ARTapp allows users to handle all aspects of ownership certification, lending, restoration, transportation, and insurance coverage seamlessly.



The 4ART virtual Gallery feature is a groundbreaking way to showcase artworks globally, providing an unparalleled reach to friends and potential buyers, transcending geographical constraints.

Efficiency is further enhanced through streamlined condition and restoration reporting. The 4ARTapp optimizes these processes, making them more efficient and less time-consuming.

Changing ownership of artworks becomes a simple click away with the 4ARTapp. Selling, lending, or borrowing art has never been more accessible.



Handle your entire art collection conveniently through the 4ARTapp on your mobile phone. This innovative solution brings efficiency gains of up to 80%, benefiting artists, art collectors, gallery owners, museums, logistics providers, and insurers alike. The 4ARTapp is paving the way for a digital transformation in the centuries-old art market.



About the Project


Investing in 4ARTechnologies presents a compelling opportunity, especially considering its successful ICO in 2018 and the subsequent launch of the innovative 4ARTapp. Positioned as a disruptor in the art industry, 4ARTechnologies is reshaping the dynamics of art handling among artists, museums, collectors, experts, and other stakeholders.




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