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A New Revolutionary Web3 NFT Project That Will Make a Strong Presence in the Fast-growing Ethereum Blockchain

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Austin, Texas — a new revolutionary Web3 NFT project named Galaxy Peeps NFT will soon be launched in the fast-growing Ethereum Blockchain (the current target is Q4, 2022). Galaxy Peeps NFT project is a story-driven humor-based fun-loving collection of wonderful and witty art meticulously hand-drawn by its in-house artists. This unique collection of dozens of story characters serves as the basis of computer AI-generated art pieces that comprise the 10,000 NFTs collection. Each Galaxy Peeps PFP NFT will unlock private club membership, exclusive access to the creator NFT marketplace, IRL events, upcoming airdrops and projects, and more. Since its debut in early summer 2022, the project has quickly grown to over 12,000 followers on Twitter and is poised to grow into one of the top NFT projects.

This collection is inspired by pop culture, anime, classic science fiction movies and shows such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragon Balls, etc., and pays homage to these popular titles in a humorous and funny way, with original stories and character designs from the quirky minds of its creators.

The Galaxy Peeps NFT founders (consisting of Chief Artist Creator Angela, Chief Software Developer/NFT Artist Jacky, and Chief Marketing Promoter Sam) are a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals with extensive experience in the fields of art, graphic design, business, and technology management. They have successfully launched various business enterprises previously, including fashion companies, Internet/e-commerce companies, and high-concept food/restaurants. The founders all have decades of business management experience in an executive capacity and are using their background to create a new business that brings fresh perspective and energy to the NFT space.

The team behind Galaxy Peeps is building an enduring business with long-term goals that aim to be more than a simple PFP project. The ultimate goal is to become a complete Web3 entertainment business that embodies many sectors, including consumer goods, animation, games, Metaverse lands, and live fun events. In addition, they aim to help artists, creators, and enterprises market and sell their creations while eliminating the steep learning curve of learning how to create and sell an NFT collection. It’s a collaborative team effort where everyone is maximizing their most vital talents to the fullest.

The Future Endeavors in Metaverse includes the following but is not limited to:

  • Launch Merchandise Shop
  • Purchase Lands in Top Metaverses (Sandbox, Decentraland) from Proceeds of the Sales for Galaxy Lounge
  • Fund Future DAO Development from Proceeds of the Sales
  • Integrated as a Playable NFT with Future Partnership
  • Galaxy Peeps Comics & Animation with Future Partnership
  • Exclusive Benefits for Galaxy Peeps NFT Holders (First Access to Partnerships & Future Collections, Airdrops, Fun Events, Exclusive Access to Galaxy Pen Pen Collection and GP Merch, etc.)
  • More to come as the project grows!

The project is currently looking for great NFT projects to collaborate with as strategic partners, as well as talented and passionate people to join their team and community to help grow the project into one of the most successful digital brands in the world.

For more information, visit the project on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GalaxyPeepsNFT and their website: https://www.galaxypeeps.com.

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