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A Revolutionary Skill-Based Combat Racing Game Called Scar Speed Is Now Available

Toronto, Canada, 23rd Jan 2023, King NewsWire A free-to-play video game, Scar Speed, is being developed using cutting-edge blockchain technologies and features. The majority of the work regarding game design and asset creation was done during the bear market with the single aim of solving real problems in the blockchain gaming industry. Players have the ability to legitimately own their in-game earnings in the form of NFTs.

The resources that players earn in the game can be bought, sold, and traded by other players, and players can even create resources to sell to other players for a profit. This player-owned economy is the central focus of the skill-based racing game.

Furthermore, players’ abilities will be tested on millions of miles of roads dispersed across a variety of cities, nations, and continents. Players must demonstrate they can win races and fights in various environments, including rocky mountains, sandy deserts, snow-covered arenas, and everything in between.

Since the game is set in an open world, there are countless ways in which the universe and gameplay can be experienced; also, the game will consist of liveops and therefore will be under constant development and updates, so there are always new cities to discover.

The gameplay experience can be further improved by participating in Scar Speed’s limited-time special events, which feature time-exclusive game modes and brand-new, one-of-a-kind game content. It is possible that these events are the only way to obtain certain game content that is not available anywhere else, making it exceptionally unique and valuable.

The company has reported that the game includes a climate system that includes a day/night cycle that has an effect on the game’s weather conditions, thereby rendering each race distinct and difficult. All achievements were made possible by great collaborations with Arcadian Lab and Renesis Tech.

An added perk is the Scar Speed Studio mobile companion app, which is included with the game and allows players to personalize and unleash in-game versions of their favorite rides without having to be near a computer. Participating in scheduled drops and completing challenges to unlock exclusive content are two ways for players to grow their collections and access new content.

Scar Speed is completely free of any elements that require players to pay in order to advance or succeed. The gameplay consists of free-form car racing and battles against other players, and the core development team at Scar Speed works closely with the player community to add new features.

Players get to feel the adrenaline rush of racing based on their skills while also building an empire in a player-owned economy. Additionally, The Founders work tirelessly on Web 3.0 projects day and night, in addition to their 6, 7, and 8 figure Web 2 businesses. This exemplifies the wealth of expertise upon which the game is based. Will this be the project that takes blockchain games to new heights? To add some intrigue, anyone can reserve a whitelist spot on the website for $15 in XRP. 

About Scar Speed

Scar Speed was formed as a joint venture between Mustafa and Shaun, the co-founders. Having experience in the automotive, blockchain and game development industry, the mix is just right to build a racing game that could change the way we perceive the dynamically evolving world of blockchain games.

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City: Toronto

Country: Canada

Release Id: 2301232271

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