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A Singer On The Rise From Philadelphia Pennsylvania “Eugee” Just Released Another Hit Song Called “CoverGirl”

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EUGEE is the latest rising talent to come out of New Orleans. Far from the traditional artist,

EUGEE is a full-time medical doctor who has served valiantly on the frontlines against the

COVID-19 pandemic. She put her music aspirations aside to focus on helping the community,

but now, EUGEE is ready to showcase her creative talents to the world.

Growing up as a plus-sized Nigerian-American female, EUGEE faced a lot of challenges early

on, often teased about her body frame and eloquent speech. There was a strict focus on education

in her household, and EUGEE missed out on hanging out with friends to focus on school. The

time that she spent alone in her room studying or reading led her to discover the joy of music.

Songs on the radio inspired EUGEE to envision a future where she also expressed herself freely

through music. Heavily influenced by the pop culture of the ‘90s and early 2000s, EUGEE was

decidedly focused on becoming a pop star. Early on however, she was highly critical of her own

vocal abilities and decided to focus on writing poetry and expressing her emotions through lyrics

until she developed her soulful signature sound.

As a New Orleans native, EUGEE hails from a background deeply rooted in music. She first

took her talents to the stage at the age of 16, forming a band with her classmate Sam Craft (of

Sweet Crude) and other friends from high school. Embracing the “Rock n’ Soul” genre, the

group quickly grew in popularity and played in packed venues. However, Hurricane Katrina’s

impact on the community led the group to seek other opportunities.

The artist moved to Chicago to attend Loyola University Chicago for her undergraduate studies.

Quickly falling in love with the city’s vibe, she started singing in jazz clubs around town.

Influenced by the Chicago house music scene, she re-emerged under the dance/pop genre and

became known as “EUGEE”, creating music with another friend and college classmate from

New Orleans dubbed Simoneaux who produced eclectic beats that paired perfectly with

EUGEE’s unique voice. She was determined more than ever to follow her passion—but

following her mother’s wishes, she began her medical school journey.

Once again, EUGEE put her music dreams on hold. She successfully graduated with her Doctor

of Medicine degree in 2015 and completed her residency in Internal Medicine in 2018. Her new hit song “CoverGirl” just released on Friday, August 26 2022 check it out.

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