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Milan – 22 September 2023Showroom Exhibition from 12.00 to 18.00Runway Show from 18.00Palazzina Appiani, Viale Giorgio Byron, 2

Italy, 30th Aug 2023, King NewsWire Milan Fashion Week consistently delivers the unexpected in fashion. Renowned brand names strut down the runway alongside up-andcoming labels, blending classic collections with those that defy convention. The Spring-Summer 2023/2024 collections are a dedicated exploration of groundbreaking and avant-garde outfits and trends. On one end of the spectrum, there’s an embrace of a bold and edgy allure, while on the other, a celebration of a delicate and refined style reminiscent of a more genteel era. These collections seamlessly interweave nods to history and a global tapestry of cultural influences.

On September 22, Fashion Vibes presents a splendid showroom echibition, from 12.00 to 18.00, at the Palazzina Appiani, Viale Giorgio Byron, 2. Particularly remarkable is the presence in the showroom for both days of the Dubai brand URBE OPTICS, which speaks of the style of eyewear for the new generations.

As the clock strikes 18:00, the spotlight shifts to the fashion shows featuring the Spring-Summer 2023/2024 collections. It’s a true global voyage, painted with strokes of vibrant hues, diverse styles, and rich cultures, all coming together in a harmonious showcase.

On 22 SEPTEMBER from 18:00 the designers will take the catwalk:

NAALA MAR, keywords: luxury, elegance, exclusivity. From splendid evening dresses to an elegant bridal collection, the brand crafts its creations in limited editions, giving customers the assurance of feeling special and unique. Outfits are characterized by distinctive cuts, intricate details, geometric lines, and bursts of vibrant and bold colors, creating a unique allure. Bridal gowns, with their voluminous silhouettes and intricate textures, are adorned with billows of tulle and illuminated by sequin and crystal embellishments, enriched with three-dimensional floral fabric motifs.

ROVEL’s collection, an Australian brand by designer and founder Rovel Hagos, emerges from the pursuit of monochromatic elegance. It’s characterized by an exquisite fusion of black, white, and gray tones, delivering a visually impactful and intellectually stimulating fashion experience. Voluminous shapes, asymmetrical hems, angular cuts, and unexpected draping create a deliberate yet harmonious imbalance, infusing the collection with charm and modernity.

HAIFA G. will guide viewers on an extraordinary journey through three continents, immersing them in the vibrant world of designer Haifa Ghodhbane. Inspired by personal experiences, this journey touches Africa, her motherland, Europe, where her childhood was spent, and the Middle East, her current home. In this adventure, the brand transcends its original bohemian style to embrace a more sophisticated aesthetic, skillfully weaving traditional elements from diverse cultures with timeless contemporary motifs.

The brand stands as an ode to multiculturalism, fostering a strong sense of unity among people. The Spring-Summer 2024 collection titled “Fusion” represents a modern reinterpretation of ethnic influences, capturing the vital energy of Africa through vivid and bold hues, intertwined with distinctive leopard patterns. To further enrich these creations, the brand thoughtfully selects jewelry crafted by talented African and Indian artisans, adding an element of charm and sophistication. “Fusion” is more than a mere fashion collection; it’s an invitation to explore diverse traditions and rediscover the allure of blending multifaceted cultures. This is embodied in the harmonious fusion of colors, fabrics, motifs, and contrasting silhouettes, showcasing that true beauty lies in the synergistic integration of diverse elements.

LIVERTA by MARIA PIA CORNEJO travels from Chile to Milan, presented by the renowned Chilean designer. The “Liverta” collection was crafted from materials supplied by artisans from the Maule Region in Chile, showcasing experimental textures. The brand’s concept revolves around the idea of “Liverta”, freedom, embracing individual visions while emphasizing responsibility towards oneself, others, and the environment. Sustainability takes center stage, promoting the transformation of previous collection pieces into new designs to minimize waste. This innovative and conceptual proposal was developed by a group of experts and young visionaries under the meticulous guidance of María Pía Cornejo, accompanied by designers Beatriz Torres and Sofia Hodges, who contributed with their skill and professional expertise.

SPARKLE by KAREN CHAN adheres to the philosophy of “No rules, no boundaries”. Their motto is “Beauty knows no limits”. A line where East meets West, blending Oriental and Western aesthetics, transforming traditional cheongsam and tangzhuang into colorful and individualistic couture that fuses the two worlds with a playful, retro, and funky twist. Each piece from SPARKLE is like a moving artwork, a joyful and vibrant canvas to wear, telling a story about Hong Kong’s past and culture.

Special thanks to the media partners who support us and, in this 2023 edition, to Marina Abramova, editor-in-chief of the Marika newspaper and Artells Magazine.

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