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AI Ethics Expert launches online course – Agbolade Omowole

Nigeria, 12th Dec 2022 If you want to help your organization remain competitive in today’s market, you may want to consider studying artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is disrupting businesses and industries all around the world. Influence of AI is growing exponentially from self-driving cars, to robotics, AI writing software, AI artists, and automation, among others. In 2021, McKinsey’s “State of AI” report, two-thirds of survey respondents said their companies’ investment in AI would increase over the next three years.

By learning about AI and its use cases for businesses, you have the opportunity to step up and introduce new digital strategies for your company.

African AI Ethics expert, Agbolade Omowole releases an online course on AI Ethics. The course teaches basics of AI Ethics. The target audience for the online course are beginners who want to have a deep breath knowledge of AI Ethics.

Agbolade Omowole believes that AI is a potential (not exact) threat to humans assuming that humans don’t choose to become cyborgs. It is currently impossible to predict with accuracy what a machine that is a thousand times smarter than humans can do. Based on the uncertainty, everyone should try to understand what constitutes ethical decision making. Artificial Super Intelligence can become an existential risk to humans if it is not explicitly programmed to be virtuous, beneficial, and uphold other ethical values such as justice and equity, transparency, and explainability, among others.

Agbolade Omowole has expert knowledge of AI bias and has written and spoken extensively about the need to mitigate bias in AI.

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