AlgoDocs saves you from the hassle of manual data entry and allows extracting printed and handwriting text and tables efficiently from any scanned files like PDFs and images to an editable file like excel sheets and JSON.

Izmir, Turkey, 21st Nov 2022 – AlgoDocs is an AI platform used to extract and store data in a more convenient and effective manner. It provides comprehensive data extraction solutions for businesses and professional individuals. You can easily extract data from images and documents, like balance sheets, bank statement transactions, employee data, order invoices, product catalog list or purchased items list, HR forms, bookkeeping records, etc. 

Digital disruption is already underway. Businesses are more focused than ever on automating their processes to reduce cost overheads and generate more ROI. Automating process involves data, a lot of it. It’s not easy to copy tabular data into excel sheet with proper formatting. Moreover, manual data entry increases chance of human error. You don’t need to manually read through the documents and fetch required information in a separate sheet. Instead this tool provides an easy option to convert data into desired format, like Excel, JSON, and more.

Currently available online tools only allow converting text-based PDF tables data to excel sheet. These tools struggle to convert PDF documents with handwritten text to excel. Even the converted files don’t let you edit, add or remove rows and columns, add filters or formulas and save further into another file format. It gets even difficult if the scanned documents have blurry or low quality images. AlgoDocs has you covered! This tool allows you to scan and extract tabular data from any PDF document, irrespective of its complexity into editable excel format. This data conversion doesn’t require any coding.

The company’s objective is to provide data extraction services with accuracy and efficiency. They aim to prevent error-prone manual data entry to ensure effectiveness in the business documentation. You can enjoy free subscription plan with 50 pages per month. For advanced plans, you can explore AlgoDocs’s website. It has easy to use interface with all necessary extracting rules editor.

Media Contact

Organization: AlgoDocs

Contact Person: Ibrahim Nalbant


Phone: +90 232 70 011 70


Address 1: 8th Floor Megapol Tower, Anadolu Street 41 Adalet District, Bayrakli

City: Izmir

Country: Turkey

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