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Amazon Sues Facebook Groups Over Fake Reviews

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The announcement came into the spotlight on Tuesday when an E-commerce giant lodged a complaint against Facebook group handlers for trading fake Amazon product reviews in return for cash.

Canning Vale, Western Australia, Australia, 6th Sep 2022, King NewsWire

Comprehensive Insight

  • As per statistics, a group named ‘Amazon Product Review’ catered to more than 43000 members and ‘Amazon Verified Buyer & Seller’ served over 2500, respectively.
  • In the view of interrogation, members were paid by administrators in exchange for misleading reviews. 
  • Their main targets were Amazon’s online base in Germany, Spain, Japan, Italy, U.S and U.S
  • $10 was the approx. As per screenshot data, brokers charged $10 approx. Per review at amazon seller.

High Popularity

Considering the growing dependency on e-commerce business sites like Revounts, the ones with product or service reviews are quite popular among the young generation. They play a huge part in the conversion rate on Amazon. According to the survey, 22% do not bother to search more once they have found the product of their choice. 

Possible Cause Of Fraud

Amazon has experienced a prominent rise in the marketplace and generated record-breaking revenues as a trading medium over the years. Considering the facts, competitors often look for ways to overtake the race of search engines or product popularity by backing deceitful reviews. The company tackled the same issue, which resulted in the removal of numerous such online communities back in 2015. It started all over again. 


Meta, previously known as Facebook, has put down more than 10,000 fraudulent groups in the past investigation while intending to investigate more suspicious ones. As reported by Amazon, the third-party marketplace is not sure about the identity of group managers yet; however, they aim to uncover the suspects to refund the unfair amount they had generated via illegal means under the umbrella of the company. 

Their team is well equipped to figure out fake suppliers, which assists them in the closure of such groups. At the same time, the creation of new Facebook groups cannot be ignored. 

Due to this matter of concern, Amazon is looking forward to benefiting from advanced machine learning tools along with human assistance to limit those fake review makers and sellers, they said. 

To enter genuine Facebook groups, the participant has to answer queries. This part can be used in this regard, Amazon said. 

Apart from that, the e-commerce expert has also appealed to social media communities and companies to keep an eagle on a different platform as manipulative and fabricated groups continue to flourish.

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