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Antisocial Ape Club Breaks Records with Highest Traded Volume On the Near Protocol

The Antisocial Ape Club is a collection of 3333 NFTs on the NEAR Protocol blockchain leading the transition into web3.

Panama, 13th May 2022, King NewsWire, The Antisocial Ape Club is a collectible NFT project established on NEAR. Founded by Rocky (@ASAC_R0cky), Jelly (@ASAC_JELLY), and DrCryptOG (@DrCryptOG) and launched in late January 2022. ASAC quickly became the catalyst for new money entering the NEAR NFT ecosystem.

At first glance, it is easy to dismiss this collection as another typical “pixel ape project”. But upon entering their Discord server it is immediately evident that it’s anything but typical, let’s explore why:

antisocial [an-tee-soh-shuhl] adjective;

  1. unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people

The server was anything but antisocial, it was moving at an erratic pace leading up to launch as most projects do. More notably even with the whitelist fully allocated and there was still an abundance of activity, social activity.

The most ironic part of the launch was that one of the founders was quoted on multiple occasions that his project (ASAC) was a scam warning all members not to mint. This fud (fear, uncertainty and doubt) spread like wildfire in the exact opposite way thus creating fomo (fear of missing out).

People were joining from different blockchains all looking to see if they would be able to mint.

ape [eyp] noun;

  1. a person who overinvests into crypto and digital assets without conducting any form of due diligence or research

The mint sold out within minutes with a mint price of 5 N ($50 USD), many members (even those who missed out) eagerly waiting for secondary market to open to purchase more.

Once the secondary marketplace was live ( the entry price (floor price) to the ASAC rose dramatically (enter Apes). The rise in floor price continued to a high of 189 N ($1,890 USD), which is an astonishing 3700% increase in value. Although the current floor price is 40 N ($400 USD) the collection boasts the top spot in all time traded volume on Paras.

Looking closely at the trends, post ASAC launch, the average daily volume traded on Paras as an entity multiplied tenfold. This is likely due to the influx of new money, new people entering into NEAR NFTs and not solely due to ASAC but it’s safe to say the success and the community of ASAC was a major catalyst. To date ASAC has traded over $3m USD in volume.

club [kluhb] noun;

  1. a group of persons organized for a social, literary, athletic, or other purpose

So why join the club?

ASAC has now established itself as one of the leading projects based on both market cap value and community base within the NEAR ecosystem.

One cannot go far without seeing an ASAC profile picture if exploring the NEAR blockchain.

@ASAC_NFT has unintentionally become somewhat of an incubator for its members and it is great to see. Since mint there have been many members who have now launched their own projects or in the midst of building one on NEAR and other blockchains.

Don’t wait any longer anon, join the club.

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