Ashley Dudarenok & Ron Wardle Release New Book, Innovation Factory: China’s Digital Playbook For Global Brands

The business executives share how China and the West can learn from each other to boost innovation, increase competitiveness, and foster a brighter future.

Ashley Dudarenok and Ron Wardle, two business executives with extensive experience working in China, today announced the release of their new book, Innovation Factory: China’s Digital Playbook For Global Brands. In Innovation Factory, the two examine China’s digital transformation and its unique e-commerce and share what Western brands can learn to boost innovation, increase competitiveness, and foster a brighter future.

In Innovation Factory, Dudarenok and Wardle argue that China’s rapid reinvention has been fueled by several factors, including by a lack of legacy systems. They point to this being a massive benefit, as the country had no need to reconfigure existing systems for the digital age and could instead be innovative in ways other large economies could not be.

“This lack of baggage and some other unique characteristics greatly affected the country’s tech giants as they evolved,” added Ron Wardle, an APAC and Greater China executive who has been helping launch and scale international brands in China for decades. “It also affected how brands market themselves, the relationship between brands and customers, business models and leadership styles.”

The book additionally examines what Western brands can learn from China, how China emerged at its current stage of digital transformation, how Chinese brands optimize e-commerce and digital marketing for the domestic market, and the management approaches Chinese companies use to increase profits and turnaround failing enterprises.

“China’s rapid economic reinvention has been nothing short of miraculous, but that reinvention has faced criticism that the country is good at manufacturing but not at innovating,” said Ashley Dudarenok, founder of the China-focused digital consulting firm, ChoZan. “It’s clear that China has proven those critics wrong, and in Innovation Factory, we showcase how China has been able to jump into the digital age with less baggage with the game-changing mobile phone, do it at speed, and keep up the pace to get it where it is today.”

Innovation Factory: China’s Digital Playbook For Global Brands is now available at major booksellers, including Amazon.

About Ashley Dudarenok

Ashley Dudarenok is a Chinese serial entrepreneur, award-winning digital marketing professional and author. Recognised as a “guru on digital marketing and fast-evolving trends in China” by Thinkers50. Connect with Ashley via

About Ron Wardle

Ron Wardle is an award-winning American APAC and Greater China executive who specializes in social and livestream commerce, branding and market entry. He has helped launch and scale over 150 international brands on China’s complex digital, social and e-commerce platforms. Connect with Ron via

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