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Avalanche C-Chain Explorer Is Now Supported On OKLink

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China, 19th Aug 2022, This week, OKLink has just released its support for the Avalanche ecosystem by adding AVAX C-Chain explorer to its multi-chain explorer matrix.

As introduced by the OKLink team, the newly added AVAX C-Chain explorer has emphasized the visualization of various information to make it more convenient for data analysis and in line with most users’ usage habits. For instance, the main page of the AVAX C-Chain explorer allows users to explore the Avalanche C-Chain for the overall status of transactions, addresses, tokens, and other activities, all in a card view. Besides, it is also possible to quickly jump links between addresses or directly to the Defi info panel through hyperlinks here and there on the main page. 
Avalanche is a blockchain that seeks to address the blockchain trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization. To do so, Avalanche is operating on three different blockchains, namely the Exchange Chain (X-Chain), the Contract Chain (C-Chain), and the Platform Chain (P-Chain).

C-Chain allows for the creation and execution of smart contracts. Because it is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, Avalanche’s smart contracts can take advantage of cross-chain interoperability. And according to the OKLink team, its multi-chain explorer matrix now consists of more EVM series explorers, and the choice of supporting another EVM-compatible one would further strengthen the advantage of the multi-chain explorer product.

The development of blockchain explorers has come a long way. Initially, users could only search for specific wallet addresses or transactions. Today most blockchain explorers enable users to do more with various data.
“We will bring more EVM-compatible or Layer2 blockchain explorers to our product matrix in the future, and we are confident to provide users with the best product they have ever experienced,” said the OKLink explorer team head.

About OKLink.

As one of the earliest founded blockchain companies in China, OKLink has committed to R&D and commercial application of blockchain technology since its establishment in 2013.

OKLink now holds industry-leading visual blockchain data processing and analysis tools, integrating big data, AI, and other advanced technologies to analyze and process complex and diverse blockchain data. The company has already developed into a world-renowned blockchain data and technology service provider.

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