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Best Design-Build Firm in West Hollywood: New World Design Builders K2

Looking for the best design-build firm in West Hollywood, my recommendation goes to New World Design Builders/K2.

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Clifton, New Jersey, United States, 16th Nov 2023 – When it comes to finding the best design-build firm in West Hollywood, my recommendation goes to New World Design Builders/K2. Operating as architects and interior designers, this NYC-based firm has expanded its reach to include West Hollywood, California. With a rich history spanning over 25 years, they’ve established themselves as a comprehensive solution for design and construction services.

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A History of Success

Founded with the goal of providing a one-stop solution for design and construction services, New World Design Builders has flourished over the years. Their success paved the way for K2, a full-service design studio, resulting in a powerful collaboration that seamlessly integrates imaginative interior design and high-quality construction services.


Streamlined Approach for Efficiency

The collaboration between New World Design Builders and K2 introduces a distinctive approach, offering a single source of responsibility for design, architecture, and construction. This streamlined method aims to save time and money by minimizing communication challenges prevalent in the building industry.


Decades of Expertise

For nearly three decades, the talented professionals at New World Design Builders/K2 have been delivering creative and engaging design solutions. Their expertise extends beyond imaginative design to include timely, cost-effective, and superior quality construction, reflecting a commitment to excellence.


Diverse Service Offerings

New World Design Builders/K2 caters to a diverse clientele, serving various sectors such as restaurants, spas and salons, nightclubs and lounges, as well as retail and residential spaces. Their flexibility in adapting to different project scopes and requirements positions them as a versatile and reliable design-build firm.


Client Satisfaction Speaks Volumes

Client satisfaction is a testament to the firm’s commitment to excellence. Pasquale Benasillo from Fort Lee, NJ, praises the competence, professionalism, and honor demonstrated by Chris Kofitsas and John Farese, the owners of the company. The facility they built not only provided a wonderful experience but also earned prestigious awards, including the 1996 A.I.A. Award of Merit and recognition from the Fort Lee Chamber of Commerce.


Unmatched Dedication

Craig Fossella from San Francisco, CA, emphasizes the pivotal role played by Chris Kofitsas in the success of Tru. Despite initial reservations, Fossella was impressed by Kofitsas’s attention to detail and valuable insights. Kofitsas’s dedication to understanding the client’s vision and bringing it to life without imposing his own preconceptions showcases a level of commitment that surpasses industry standards.



In summary, the collaborative efforts of New World Design Builders/K2 have etched an indelible mark on the architecture and design landscape. Their commitment to client satisfaction, coupled with a personalized approach and meticulous attention to detail, positions them as a reliable and respected design-build firm in West Hollywood and beyond.


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Organization: New World Design Builders / K2 Studios

Contact Person: Chris Kofitsas


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Address: 11 Circle Avenue Clifton, NJ 07011

City: Clifton

State: New Jersey

Country: United States

Release Id: 1611237776

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