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BlockPark Changing NFT Real-Estate Trading With Upcoming Launch

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Los Angeles, CA, United States, 10th Sep 2022, King NewsWireBlockPark is set to launch across the digital ecosystem and is making impactful changes in NFT trading. The paradigm offered by BlockPark is unique among other NFT trading platforms: Built on the HyperLedger blockchain, it tokenizes real-estate ownership while offering tools that help users grow their investments and manage an extensive portfolio. With holdings that are backed by real assets, BlockPark is creating a new source of wealth for the community. 

BlockPark’s proprietary software offers transparency, accessibility, and liquidity across the global real-estate market. This is done via an NFT marketplace that offers direct property ownership. The aim of the project is to open the real-estate market to everyone across geographical locations and borders. BlockPark intends to create an equitable and transparent real-estate ecosystem that leaves no one behind.

The platform operates with an array of unique features that make it tomorrow’s top NFT real-estate trading platform. Key among those is greater financial accessibility. Real-estate ownership is made newly affordable for users through NFTs. To that end, BlockPark’s minting factory works to create real-estate-backed NFTs. Fractional ownership of properties is transferred into the NFT ecosystem and developed into a digital asset. This can then be traded or transferred, across the BlockPark platform. Meanwhile, asset information is stored across the blockchain, which is made transparent with the help of HyperLedger

Another highlight of the platform is its ability to provide instant liquidity across the secondary marketplace. This is achieved with the help of a community of investors, demonstrating the project’s strength and tangibility. Two different products have been designed and set up on the BlockPark platform: the Property Management System and Secondary Marketplace.

To provide a digital standard within the ecosystem, the project introduced its dedicated token, PROP. While incentivizing the use of the digital platform, the PROP token also offers several use cases. As an opportunity to grow within the platform, PROP provides exclusive discounts to users. To further optimize the performance of platform assets, rewards are made through PROP tokens. With a fixed supply, the token’s utility will be enhanced as new assets are added.

The project has a clear roadmap for its development. With different platform components slated for introduction throughout its growth, it believes in becoming the leading NFT marketplace aligned with the real-estate market.

On September 15th, the project will be listed across multiple launchpads. With a supply of 60M tokens, PROP will open for trading across the ecosystem. This is an amazing opportunity for users interested in becoming part of real-estate NFT trading. For a 20% discount on the listing price, you can go to the following launchpads on the 15th of Sept: GemPadAntPad, Diviner Protocol, Erax, GAGARIN, Fantomlive, MoonStarter, MarsPad, and Wayspad. These platforms will also offer excellent staking options. You can learn more about that on our website. It is also worth noting the listing is going live on September 20th on LBank where the price per token at launch will be $0.0018.

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BlockPark is a real-estate NFT trading platform. It provides NFTs backed by real income-producing assets, with features including a Property Management System and Secondary Marketplace. BlockPark believes in building an innovative community and becoming the leading NFT real-estate trading platform.

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