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Bomberzilla Offers a Nostalgic Experience Enhanced With NFT Characters and Skill-Based Rewards

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London, United Kingdom, 15th Oct 2022 – 

  • A P2E game where players can earn even big prizes from a single match;
  • Cool graphics, NFT characters, and plenty of firepowers;
  • Rewards paid out in BBZ and BUSD.

(October 14, 2022) – Nostalgia and retro fun arrives on the blockchain with the launch of Bomberzilla, a bet-2-earn gaming platform where players can earn rewards for their skills and acumen right from game one.

The creators of Bomberzilla, a small team of players, began in 2019 with a strong desire to resurrect classic games from the golden age of gaming and build them again using today’s technologies. These are revolutionary games that everyone remembers and would love to play again. 

The gaming community of BomberZilla will be a buzzing place for conversations, meetings, and sharing of good and sweet memories. The mission was to not only recreate an old game but to allow for betting on one’s performance and winning based on gaming skills.

The most outstanding feature of the game is its reward system, not based on the outdated P2E model but in shares of a prize pool created by the ticket entrances paid by the users. 

The battles on Bomberzilla take place on a mythical floating island filled with arenas and mazes where players use NFTs, avatars, and firepower to make their way to the top. Bomberzilla is inviting whitelist applications and has a pre-sale lined up shortly for its gaming token (BBZ).

A demand for retro games from the 1980s and 90s led to the creation of Bomberzilla on the blockchain. The game blends the classic appeal of the past with modern graphics and battles aplenty in an electrifying mix of bravado, style, and strategy. Included are exclusive tournaments and the mother of all battles, the BomberZilla World Cup!

The game’s objective is to move from one arena to the other exploding all the enemies to be the only survivor. Bomberzilla involves plenty of firepower and battles against worthy opponents to climb their way to higher leagues with bigger prizes and get access to exclusive rewards and tournaments. 

Players can buy Bomber Boxes with characters’, skins, and items  NFTs to play. Every character has a Stamina level assigned that is spent to access. You can reset a character’s stamina with potions and extra points sold on the game store.

To join matches, players can buy tickets with BUSD and BBZ tokens. A Battle Pass will provide players with access to exclusive rewards and tournaments meant only for the best BomberZ.

“Bomberzilla is here to take you on a trip to the 80s, to experience the same nostalgia and the romance of spending time in gaming alleys playing console games, but this time, powered by a blockchain! This time, feel the same action and thrill with new option and possibilities,” said a spokesperson for Bomberzilla.

The game is played off the blockchain to guarantee users a safer and more fluid gaming experience. The rewards are earned quickly, taking only a single match of a few minutes for players to win BBZ and BUSD tokens. 

Any simple wallet like MetaMask can be used to connect and play. Players retain control over their playing assets and can trade, interact and socialize with the community. By the way, the community seems very important for the game environment, considering the Vision and Mission available on the project’s whitepaper. 

Gaming skills alone are sufficient to earn tokens and rewards on BomberZilla. Players can enter into battles and earn tokens as they progress in their journey. New features, such as betting on other players, are also in the planning stages. The PvP mode, where players win from other players, means reward tokens are not minted but acquired from the game.

Regarding tokenomics, the BBZ token has 15% reserved for the whitelist, 25% for public sale, and 10% for prizes, rankings, and other game elements. Liquidity provision is ensured, with 20% of the tokens reserved.

For all game enthusiasts waiting for some thrill and excitement straight from the old gaming times, BomberZilla is here to bring back memories and more… just play and win.

Join the BomberZilla whitelist here – https://wn.nr/bCFXkb 

Website: https://bomberzilla.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BomberZilla

Discord: https://discord.gg/eVkatmMXKM

Telegram chat: https://t.me/BomberZillaOfficial

Medium: https://medium.com/@BomberZilla

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bomberzillaofficial/

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/BomberZilla

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