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New York, United States, 19th Apr 2024 – CycleX is a pioneering project that aims to reshape the landscape of asset management and investment through the innovative tokenization of real-world assets (RWA). By leveraging blockchain technology, CycleX bridges the gap between traditional asset holders and global investors, making high-value assets more accessible and liquid than ever before


At the core of CycleX lies its mission to democratize finance by bringing both traditional and new-age assets into the global on-chain ecosystem. Unlike traditional financial assets, which are often restricted by geographical and regulatory barriers, CycleX opens up a world of opportunities for investors worldwide


One of the key components of CycleX is its Token Fund, developed according to the ERC 1400 standard and equipped with state-of-the-art security features certified by BlockSec and This Token Fund offers investors a stable rate of return while providing exposure to a diversified portfolio of real assets. Investors can both mint and redeem the Token Fund through Cycle X, ensuring transparency and security throughout the investment process


CycleX’s platform not only enhances the value of assets but also opens up a broader capital market for asset holders. By tokenizing traditional financial products such as stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and options, CycleX reduces transaction costs and introduces tokenization of real assets into the RWA ecosystem.

What sets CycleX apart is its commitment to transparency, security, and investor protection. Through the collaboration of its asset management and tokenization technology departments, CycleX has built a global decentralized real-world asset solution with system integrity and seamless interaction. Embracing regulation and working with leading industry partners, CycleX provides users with first-class services and ensures the highest standards of reporting transparency.


In summary, investing in CycleX offers investors the opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking project that revolutionizes asset management and investment. With its transparent and secure tokenized asset trading platform, CycleX allows users to hold global high-quality assets conveniently, regardless of their location

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About the project

CycleX stands as a groundbreaking initiative striving to transform asset management and investment paradigms through the inventive tokenization of real-world assets (RWA). Utilizing blockchain technology, CycleX acts as a bridge connecting conventional asset holders with investors worldwide, thus enhancing the accessibility and liquidity of high-value assets to unprecedented levels.

Central to CycleX’s ethos is its commitment to democratizing finance by integrating both conventional and modern assets into the global blockchain ecosystem. In stark contrast to traditional financial assets hindered by geographical and regulatory limitations, CycleX offers a boundless realm of investment opportunities for individuals across the globe








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