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Bruh Bears, a social community on Aptos

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San Francisco, CA, United States, 12th Oct 2022, Bruh Bears is a collection of adorable bears with the most eccentric community on Aptos. The team believes that NFTs play a critical role in ensuring Aptos achieves mass adoption with Bruh Bears leading that valiant effort. We promise to be at the forefront of innovation and bring our community along with us for the ride. 

When we came to Aptos, we wanted to be the best. That was our goal and will always continue to be our goal. What stands out the most is our team which is levels ahead of any other projects. 
Not only that, the major portion of our pre-success also comes from our backgrounds, content posted on Twitter, the way we operate our Discord and gamifying our website. We find this way much more engaging and will continue to go further in this sector of things. 

Not long ago, we introduced a feature for our community for us to solve the problem where our community members on Discord and Twitter do not have bears as their profile pictures, thus we decided to have that changed. 
Other than that, it’s also a way for us to try out attributes and check how they look as profile pictures as well as seeing if there’s anything that needs to be scraped |-> Concept of trial and error. 

We will continue to go on with ideas that foster the community to be stronger, a great example would be the present gamified website with easter eggs, as well as our Build-a-Bruh website, which gets our bears widespread across the NFT space. This also brings us miles closer to our goal of being the Face of Aptos. 
We make sure that we provide value to the NFTs, with the proof of what we have already built and deliver with proper quality, which will only continue being consistent if not better from here. If we do that, our NFTs worth proper value which will ultimately thrills our holders for what’s coming next. This will also make people outside of the community want to be a part of us, which will strengthen our community once again. 

The Aptos chain is not even live yet, and we are still working on building the strongest and the most eccentric community on Aptos which is currently what takes up most of our concerns. 
As we’ve promised, the goal of being the best on Aptos will forever be on our forefront and we will only strive for success.

Media Contact

Organization: Bruh Bears

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: bruhbears@proton.me

Website: https://bruhbears.com

City: San Francisco

State: CA

Country: United States