C.T.S Technology has developed modern and advanced Drone detectors for Anti Drone System

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 3rd Jan 2023 – C.T.S Technology Co has launched vast collection of professionally designed anti drone systems. Their newly designed 5000m UAV GPS GLONASS Spoofing System With Radar takes UAV satellite module to deviate target from the scheduled flight line.

With recent advancements in drone technology emerged the use of drones. From photography to home surveillance, drones are in use everywhere, but with that security risks and threats also arises. To address the issue, C.T.S Technology Co launched Counter-UAV anti drone technology.

Detection and Mitigation are two main aspects of any Counter-UAV technology – detection and mitigation. Anti spoofing systems uses advanced technologies to track and locate a drone’s exact location. For instance, infrared is used to track heat signatures, acoustic sensors to detect the unique sounds of drone motors, and radio frequency scanners to detect signals emitted from a drone’s remote controller. 

With a jamming power of ≤100mw, this drone mitigation system can cover a distance of ≥5km. This technology helps intercepting a drone using interference signals that can jam communications between the drone and its operator or by using technologies to capture or shoot a drone while in flight. 

This technology is used to deviate any drone technology from intercepting scheduled flights or penetrating a restricted airspace. The technology is built with a capability to destroy or immobilize a target drone.

CTS Technology Co is a pioneer international supplier of anti drone technology and wireless communication products. They use the latest and most advanced technologies designed by top industry professionals to engineer anti-drone systems that stop unwanted drones in their tracks.


C.T.S Technology Co was founded in 2001 for designing, development and manufacturing of electronic security equipment. CTS is a leading innovator in the field of RF Jammers. To combat the growing threat of Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED), CTS has invested heavily in developing a variety of state-of-the-art devices like Vehicle Jammers, Tactical Jammers, Bomb Jammers, RF Jammers, Cell Phone Jammers, Custom/Embassy Jammers, Handheld Jammer Systems, Prison Jammer Systems, Handheld Jammers, Protecting Troop Transports, Military and Police Checkpoints large government agencies, bomb squads, and VIP convoys. They are leading international supplier of anti-drone technology and wireless communication products. They use the latest and most advanced technologies to engineer anti-drone systems that stop nefarious drones in their tracks. 

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