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Cardano based Operative Artwork project to bring financially benefiting usability to NFTs

Stockholm, Sweden, 8th May 2022, King NewsWire, A team of Scandinavian based developers have minted their first governance token, Tangent exclusively on the Cardano Blockchain. Composed of other notable developers from Germany, America, India and the United Arab Emirates; team Tangent plan to form radical waves within the developing art and finance scene on their effervescent chain of choice. The project is progressing systematically with their much anticipated whitepaper & website being launched concurrently, by the middle of May.

Tangent will be delivered to the world first through a presale starting on 6th of June. Location of presale is to be announced shortly.

What is Tangent?

Project Tangent was conceived in early 2021, upon the realization that the Cardano chain required a decentralized radical art and finance project that honored the chain’s developers, contributors, vision and inspirations. With the exponential growth of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) industry and its huge adoption across a variety of blockchains, Tangent is on a mission to create an innovative way to bridge the gap between NFTs, finance and tangible real world asset classes. The Tangent platform will be a permissionless platform where investors, artists and all other parties can stake, receive rewards and experiment with groundbreaking NFTs seamlessly, in a safe and sustainable manner on the Cardano blockchain.

Token Information

Tangent ($TANG) was successfully minted on 5th May 2022 via the Cardano Network with a total supply of: 3,141,592,650 TANG

The asset name is TANG (54414e47)

The policy ID is: e2087044f1a5028aec705eb05609370754d64587adbdc27eeb330058

with a Fingerprint of: asset1pm727v4e3q6tlrclxh68cplv42mru67aepa3mc

The token can be viewed on Cardanoscan by clicking here.

Tangent inherits all the security guarantees from its layer-1 blockchain just like Cardano itself, except $TANG has additional utility as a voting mechanism.

The primary use case of the token will be for governance, to actively guide Tangent towards self-sustainability and shared community ownership.

$TANG will give holders the ability to participate directly in governance by voting on proposals related to the token’s development and usage as well as development and direction of the Tangent DAO.

The Tangent DAO itself, is a self-sovereign smart contract, which will act as the governor and guiding force of the Tangent network.

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Telegram (Announcement Channel): @TangentADA

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