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CMO to Watch – Henk Wolff

Netherlands The, 30th May 2022, King NewsWire, The marketing officer has one job – to drive growth.

Marketing is almost always the primary driver of growth in any market.This drive is more than just another function, and the responsibility solely falls on the Chief MarketingOfficer, CMO.

“A good CMO might not necessarily be the most charismatic leader ever but must possess some core survival skills to remain in the seat for a long time.“

Along with excellent networking and collaboration skills, CMOs must possess a healthy dose of innovation and courage and deep expertise in their industry.

Today, we shine the spotlight on one such CMO, DGA’s Henk Wolff, who continues to show what it means to be a real-time or modern chiefmarketing officer in a growth-driven but highly challenging industry.

Henk Wolff – Grew up with Marketing

Henk Wolff’sforay into marketing began when he was just 18 years old. His journey in the iGaming industry began with Blitz when he joined the corporation with whom he would later co-found the Dutch Gambling Association, DGA. Over the years, Henk has honed his skills in digital and offline marketing to help Blitz and other big-name corporations drive growth and profitability.

Today, Henk sits on the executive team of DGA as its Chief Marketing Officer, a role he took on to help companies and players successfully navigate the recently opened sector of the DutchiGaming market. He’s also the marketing manager for Blitz, owner of Antwerp’s largest casino and one of the top five (5) players across Belgium. With the DGA, Henk’s goal is to ease the process for companies and their players in different areas from entering the newly-opened market to obtaining a license, ensuring compliance, and providing technical solutions for optimal player experience. As can be seen, all of these are critical to growth in this industry.

Marketing with a purpose; the Henk Wolff way

“My unique superpower (I would say) is my ability to know where the business is and where it is headed,” Henk says. “Not just that, I’m also adept at creating an evidence-based journey for businesses to reach their intended destinations as far as marketing and growth are concerned, both of which I feel are inseparable.”

As a marketing professional, Henk is highly innovative, agile, and results-driven.

While his deep expertise in the iGaming industry might have contributed greatly to his major successes at the Dutch Gambling Association (DGA), Blitz, and other similar places, Henk has managed to replicate these successes to a great extent outside of the iGaming industry. He’s managed and participated in high-level marketing campaigns for big brands.

“Henk Wolff has built an incredibly enviable profile on the results he has managed to achieve over the years.“

From entering the marketing sector at just 18 to co-founding the DGA with shareholders of, and leading the marketing teams of different agencies within and outside the iGaming industry, Henk has risen through the ranks to become what he is today – an authority figure in marketing whose impressive record as a Chief Marketing Officer deserves the attention of every growth-driven stakeholder in marketing and leadership.

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