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Course Of Matter Free-To-Mint NFT Project

Course Of Matter is the latest NFT collection launch by Collector, Artist, DJ, Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur & Blockchain Enthusiast Maurii ( Mauricio Artigas for Maurii LLC )

Course Of Matter has 100 original AI generated Art NFTs. The total collection is 1000 NFTs ( Common NFTs, Uncommon NFTs, Rare NFTs, Super Rare NFTs and Numbered NFTs )

United States, 25th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Course Of Matter is an experiment in Art, Technology Culture, Symbolism and Futurism. All Course of Matter NFT Mints works of art are untitled leaving the audience with their own
interpretation of the art and what it is to them. The Course Of Matter NFT collection was a free-to-mint NFT launch. It was Launched on 06-12-2022 and the Public
and Free Mint was sold out the same day! It was posted on Maurii’s Twitter account and sold out the same night it was minted!!! Owners of the free to mint NFT project Course 
Of Matter paid the Ethereum gas fee and then received the randomly generated NFT once the Ethereum transaction was finalized.

Maurii – Creator of Course Of Matter NFT collection  “I couldn’t believe that same night I launched the mint, in a matter of Hours 1000 NFTs where minted and owned by the
Opensea & Ethereum community. I was very happy to see the AI Art creations resonated with the Twitter/Opensea/Ethereum community. Looking forward to building an awesome
NFT community”

With support from the Opensea and Ethereum community, and a successfull free-to-mint launch Course Of Matter is looking forward to creating a NFT community 
in the near future of knowledge, networking and value. For updates please check out our website and our social media channels for updates listed below.

Course Of Matter


NFT Collection ( )
1000 NFTs / Ethereum NFTs


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