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Cross-border e-commerce with short videos, are you ready?

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DZShop E-commerce platform short videos as an new instrument for e-commerce advertisement.

London, United Kingdom, 11th Aug 2022 – In 2019, short videos began to prevail in China. After the outbreak of the epidemic, short video e-commerce suddenly emerged, changing the traditional e-commerce model and successfully reaching the top in domestic e-commerce. After two years of development, short video has steadily become a major source of e-commerce traffic, with a market share of more than 60%. Even now, short videos are still at the forefront, and the traffic data is very huge.( DZShop E-commerce platform)

So as a cross-border e-commerce merchant, if you want to take advantage of short videos to improve your business, how to enter this field and create your large-scale traffic portal has become a top priority now. ( DZShop E-commerce platform)

The next five years will definitely be the biggest dividend period for cross-border e-commerce. The development of overseas short videos is still in the exploratory stage and there is still huge space. As China’s outstanding cross-border e-commerce platform overseas, opportunities also mean challenges. Short videos and social media are inseparable. If you want to enter short video, you must first choose a platform. Similar to choosing an e-commerce platform, a mature and standardized platform not only has its own traffic, but is also more conducive to long-term development.

First of all, let’s take a look at several large video and social platforms abroad:

1. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video website and the second largest search platform, with more than 5 billion video views per day. The huge user base ensures the source of video traffic. There are 8 categories of YouTube advertising. Typically, the steps for a YouTube ad are like this: The seller first creates and edits the video according to the marketing and promotion requirements, and then uploads it to the Google advertising system for review. After passing the review, the advertisement will be posted to the selected YouTube short videos/channels. When customers see these short videos, your advertising promotion will have a chance to appear. And YouTube has powerful functions and maintains good connectivity with other social platforms to ensure the viral spread of videos. ( DZShop E-commerce platform)

2. Facebook

Active users of Facebook’s overseas platforms has been doubled, beyond imagination. The platform is highly intuitive, with high user activity, and powerful video features have been introduced. The short video service Reels feature is a natural choice for Facebook. After 2017, Chinese companies represented by Byte and Kuaishou started the process of going overseas and continued to educate overseas users. After the epidemic in 2020, overseas short video consumption only broke out, about 1-2 years later than in China,Therefore, we prospect that the overseas market will still be in a period of traffic growth and dividends in the next five years. As a popular media method on Facebook, short video has become one of the common tools of social marketing. ( DZShop E-commerce platform)

3. Vimeo 

As an emerging short video social platform, Vimeo is significantly different from our traditional short video websites: it can upload high-definition videos, and the source video files can be downloaded freely. Compared to YouTube, Vimeo’s user base is relatively small, with only 715 million monthly views, but the platform’s powerful features have become one of the first choices for content creators. ( DZShop E-commerce platform)

4. Twitter

Twitter has nearly 200 million daily active users. Developing customers on this platform is an unmissable platform for foreign trade people and enterprises. There are many people who think there is no point in sharing videos on Twitter, which is a big misconception. Recently, Twitter has also integrated with Vine, allowing users to directly forward videos on Vine to the Twitter platform.

After analyzing the status of short videos on various cross-border platforms, we need to understand that the quality and content of short videos are also very important. Short video has entered an era where content is the most important. Without continuous content updates and innovation, it is difficult to retain customers. Therefore, when we make videos, we need to clarify the theme of the video to attract precise users quickly and accurately. First of all express our theme clearly with the title and description, the title should be attractive enough. Because the first thing users see is our title, it is particularly important to write a high-quality title, to attract users to click on our video. A good title can increase the store entry rate by more than 30%.( DZShop E-commerce platform)

In the later stage of the video, we need to add introductory words. After the user finishes watching the video, we must include a specific call to action that we want the user to follow. We need to tell the user what to do next. If there is no introductory phrase, most users will just leave. To motivate users with a different call to action. ( DZShop E-commerce platform).

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