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Crypto Crash Course by Way of Coin helps demystify the complexities of the crypto world.

Way of Coin is the new entrant in the realm of Cryptocurrency education. The company aims at removing complexities so that even non-tech people can understand it all. The first course launched by Way of Coin is the perfect pathway for those interested in investing, but who want to dive deep into the basics of the massive and ever-changing ocean of crypto first.

United States, 22nd May 2022, King NewsWire, In order to educate people about the ins and outs of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Way of Coin launched a new online video learning series. This course, titled “Crypto Crash Course”, explains everything about crypto in layman’s terms; this is the main objective of Way of Coin. The company helps spread knowledge of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, investments, and other related aspects.

All the video lessons by Way of Coin are self-paced. They can be watched and re-watched on-demand. By better equipping themselves with the latest and most authentic knowledge, people can avoid money-draining mistakes. After completing the course, people will walk away with comprehensive basic knowledge and newfound confidence in understanding the risks and rewards of investing in cryptocurrency. Doing so will give them a solid foundation to start investing and doing their own research with confidence.

Crypto and blockchain are increasingly common topics in professional and entrepreneurial circles, and for good reason. The implications of which extend far beyond personal investment, so getting and staying up to speed is 100% the wisest move to make.” says Marc Savy, the Co-Founder of

Way of Coin produces courses that are highly focused on explaining things in the simplest terms. The company also gives priority to making courses that are beginner-friendly and don’t bore the viewers. For just $297, users can get access the entire Crypto Crash Course that includes lessons like,  “A Brief History of Money”, “Stocks vs Crypto”, “Mining & How Coins Derive Value”, “Web 3, Metaverse, & More”,  “The Dark Side: Hacks, Risks, & Security”, and much more.

While talking about Way of Coin, and its purpose of existence, Brian Magazu, the Co-Founder of the company said: “As a couple of crypto nerds, constantly being asked questions, we were surprised to find that most crypto content is focused on those who have already initiated. Few creators are helping to GROW the community in a meaningful way, so we set out to do just that: help people who are new to the subject or don’t feel 100% confident discussing, trading, or grasping the significance of cryptocurrency.”

About Way of Coin: is everyman’s secret arsenal of cryptocurrency and blockchain educational resources. The company’s number one goal is to demystify and explain cryptocurrency to the layperson. With highly in-demand content that explains everything about crypto, people can start investing in crypto while avoiding any mistakes that send their money down the drain.

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