Crypto Revolution: Puggy Unleashes ‘Utility Meme’ on Ethereum, Powering Up the Degen Network

United States, 15th Jan 2024 – For those immersed in the crypto space, uncovering hidden gems with low market capitalization and having a platform to showcase and endorse emerging projects is crucial. This is precisely where Puggy ($PUG) steps in. constitutes a private, all-encompassing network of websites and social media profiles, alongside a VIP ROOM tailored for crypto degens. All of this is underpinned by $PUG on the Ethereum blockchain.

By holding 100 billion $PUG tokens, you unlock access to the alpha version and enjoy the full spectrum of benefits offered by the Puggy network. This encompasses the privilege of publishing content on various crypto and news websites within the network, completely free of charge. It’s a golden opportunity for token holders, project CEOs, and whales to garner visibility for their projects within the crypto community.

The Puggy network aspires to establish connections with other Web 2.0 websites in the crypto domain, fostering a larger and more interlinked community. Rigorous vetting ensures that only credible and secure projects receive promotion on each website and blog within the network.

In collaboration with Collabland, Puggy ($PUG) ensures user security within the network. Any misuse of publishing rights leads to swift removal from the Telegram room and revocation of publishing privileges.

For those eyeing VIP ROOM access without active community participation, Puggy offers a 50% discount by burning 0.5% of $PUG tokens. This not only grants discounted entry but also contributes to reducing the token supply, adding an element of scarcity.

Crucially, the Puggy network operates on fairness principles. New articles undergo manual vetting by volunteers to thwart the spread of scams. Users are restricted to one press release weekly, with the option to submit more by upgrading a second wallet with 1% supply.

The Puggy network emerges as an enticing opportunity for both project owners and token holders. With its diverse range of benefits and services, $PUG is spearheading a more cohesive and supportive crypto community. If you’re keen on involvement, consider joining the Puggy network and becoming part of the decentralized revolution. Seize the opportunity now and witness how Puggy ($PUG) can catalyze the growth of your crypto project.


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