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Cryptolympics – a complete new thing in cryptospace

Cryptolympics is the first project in the cryptospace with ten tokens under one roof, all collecting for a huge pricepool which is being airdropped to the holders of the tokens weekly.

Switzerland, 11th May 2022, King NewsWire, Cryptolympics is a home for 10 different community driven BEP-20-tokens. These 10 different tokens on the Binance Smart Chain are fully owned by the community. The creaters of Cryptolympics do not own any tokens after the launch. The concept of Cryptolympics is based on the olympic games. It‘s like a game. A cool one.

10 different tokens are named after the top 10 crypto countries with the most crypto holders. These tokens are listed on a ranking list (at, sorted by the current price.

On 20. May 16:00 UTC the following tokens are going to be launched in a fair launch:

Team Brazil (BRA)

Team China (CHN)

Team Germany (GER)

Team India (IND)

Team Japan (JPN)

Team Nigeria (NGA)

Team Switzerland (CHE)

Team Turkey (TUR)

Team USA (USA)

Team Vietnam (VNM)

Olympic winners always receive a prize, right? Cryptolympics created a PricePool, which is filled with 5% of each transaction (buy and sell) in BNB.

Weekly, the PricePool is airdropped to the holders of Cryptolympics tokens on a percentage basis.

Every two weeks the PricePool is airdropped to ranks 1-3 in the following ratio:

  • Rank 1: 70%
  • Rank 2: 20%
  • Rank 3: 10%

The weeks in between, rank 8-10 are rewarded in the following ratio:

  • Rank 8: 10%
  • Rank 9: 20%
  • Rank 10: 70%

Why should last places be rewarded?

Because “the most important part is not winning, but taking part”. THAT’s the olympic spirit.


Imagine a Volume(24h) of $1M/token:

PricePool of BNBs worth $3.500.000 in one week.

The airdrop and its gas fees are paid by the PricePool, which is being done with

For more information, users can visit

Also, for recent developments, users can follow Cryptolympics on Twitter or join its Telegram:

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