Curated Mental Health Brief about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy has turned out to be a really popular treatment method these days. Many people are opting for this method regularly. By going for ketamine assisted psychotherapy, the individuals will be able to get rid of their stress and anxiety and start living life in a much better way.

Ketamine is basically a psychedelic drug that comes with a lot of health benefits. Of course, ketamine is a highly powerful drug, and its abuse can become a source of many health issues. This is why ketamine assisted psychotherapy needs to be carried out in the presence of an expert only. When taken in the right amounts, ketamine has got a lot of promising benefits, including treating anxiety and depression.

When administered in low amounts in conjunction with psychotherapy, ketamine can allow individuals to deal with their trauma and loneliness and walk toward healing. Ketamine infusions can also be really helpful in treating chronic disorders. So, here’s what ketamine-induced psychotherapy is all about:

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a synthetic compound that can be used to modulate glutamate, a neurotransmitter in the body. Ketamine has been long used as an analgesic and anesthetic. It is also a psychedelic component that can amplify the emotions of individuals to a great extent. The effects of ketamine completely depend on the dosage and how it is administered into the human body.

What are The Benefits of Using Ketamine in Psychotherapy?

Using ketamine in psychotherapy has been in practice for quite a while now. It is a process that allows individuals to acquire a state of unconsciousness. The right dose of ketamine can be used to provide hypnotic effects. This effect has a big role in allowing individuals to get rid of all their unpleasant emotions, memories and phobia. Instead, they can develop a connection between their mind and body. 

Ketamine has a big role in healing individuals from the inside out. It can also cause individuals to feel happy and euphoric. They can also bring out the deep-rooted emotions of individuals to the surface. They can acquire a glimpse of their unconscious mind which can help them in dealing with depression and anxiety.

Why is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Used to Treat Depression And Anxiety?

The main reason why ketamine assisted psychotherapy is used is to treat depression and anxiety. It is considered a sure-shot way of treating depression and anxiety. During the two-hour therapy, the patients are provided with ketamine infusions so that the patients receive a state of mindfulness. 

During Ketamine Infusion Therapy For Anxiety Depression, individuals suffering from stress and anxiety can heal themselves well. They can also experience a breakthrough which is a part of the healing process. With continuous therapy, the individuals will be able to notice changes in their behavior. Their overall lifestyle is going to improve for the better. They will also be able to lead their lives much better without facing any inconvenience.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Ketamine Infusions?

There is a very low risk of taking ketamine infusions, especially when an expert in the right dose administers it. This treatment method is considered a relatively safe way of dealing with depression and anxiety. It does not cause any addiction. It also does not bring about any significant harm to our overall schedule.

So, people suffering from depression and anxiety should consider going for ketamine assisted psychotherapy to heal themselves from the inside out.

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