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D-Central and Monbanc complete its hosting phase 1 for 10MW

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Laval, Québec, Canada, 6th Aug 2022, The business relationship between D-Central Technologies Inc. and Monbanc Corporation continues to take off. Last week, they announced the establishment of a 135 MW hosting center in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, at the Mining Disrupt event. As soon as the announcement was complete, D-Central Technologies facilitated the placement of a 9 MW customer in this center, which occupies most of the available capacity of the Phase 1 (10 MW).

Phase 2 placement calls begin now. This is an additional 35MW which will be ready to be connected for the fourth quarter of this year, 2022.

At the same time, Monbanc announces the appointment of Jonathan Bertrand, CEO of D-Central Technologies, as CTO of Monbanc Corporation. Mr. Bertrand is firm in his skills in information technology. With over 12 years of experience in IT, networking, and cybersecurity and over seven years of experience in Bitcoin mining, Jonathan is an ideal candidate to fill the monster operation that Monbanc is setting in motion.

The portfolio of services offered by the partnership between D-Central Technologies and Monbanc makes them leading service providers with the following offers:

-Mining consultation 

-The supply of ASIC machines 

– Turnkey hosting in Canada and the United States 

– ASIC repair in Canada and USA

D-Central Technologies network of partner sites is constantly expanding, and the desire to serve its customers with the best opportunities is the driving force behind this organization of more than 40 employees. D-Central is an essential partner for your Bitcoin mining projects, with service available throughout North America.

Monbanc and D-Central will be present for the offer of their subsequent hosting phases at Bitcoin 2023 events, as well as at Mining Disrupt 2023. Meet passionate entrepreneurs who will be able to demonstrate their superiority in service offers related to bitcoin mining.

It goes without saying that with all the world-renowned technical support from the D-Central Technologies team, Monbanc benefits from a technological superiority over the competition that few can boast of. To learn more about the subsequent phases available in Texas, visit the Monbanc website: https://monbanc.com/ To learn more about D-Central Technologies support, placement and maintenance services, visit its website: https://d-central.tech/

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