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D-Central transports its Bitcoin mining expansion ambitions to Paraguay

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Laval, Québec, Canada, 25th Aug 2022, Recognized as a beacon of innovation by the mining community, D-Central now works with different partners in different locations worldwide.One such meeting materializes today with the announcement of a pilot project for Paraguay. Indeed, Bitcoin miners are invited to excellent hosting rates.

“These are incredible opportunities for us. We have long wanted to put our talent at the service of the most beautiful companies in the world. Bitcoin and all the expertise we have accumulated over the years now gives us the chance to do it on our terms and to offer a whole new range of services to our customers,” mentions Jonathan Bertrand, CEO of D-Central.

Paraguay has one of the world’s most significant hydroelectric power surpluses, and most of this electricity is exported to Brazil. In 2023, the treaty that governs Itaipú, the largest dam in the world, will expire, and bitcoin mining operations could become key to exploiting these resources.

“Our goal is to stay local. We believe this is essential in ensuring these long-term projects’ sustainability. The name of our company, D-Central, was inspired by one of the values of Bitcoin: decentralization. This is why we are so determined to work as much as possible with Paraguayan people and businesses,” adds Anthony Desjardins, Executive Director of Business Development.

Many operations are installing in Paraguay’s field for exploiting Bitcoin. However, more details will soon follow on its expansion plans in South America.

Today D-Central wants to get in contact with companies and individuals wishing to join their waiting list for Paraguay.

The offer is limited to 30MW. Estimated prices are discussed during a consultation with one of D-Central’s account managers only, corresponding to the quantity of machine you will be connecting.

D-Central Technologies network of partner sites is constantly expanding, and the desire to serve its customers with the best opportunities is the driving force behind this organization. D-Central is an essential partner for your Bitcoin mining projects, with service available across North America.

The portfolio of services offered by D-Central makes them leading service providers with the following
● Mining consultation
● The supply of ASIC machines
  – Retail
  – Escrow
● Turnkey hosting
  – Canada
  – United States
  – Paraguay
● ASIC repair in Canada and USA

It goes without saying that with all the world-renowned technical support from the D-Central Technologies team, mining customers benefit from a technological superiority over the competition that few can boast of. To learn more about D-Central Technologies hardware, hosting, maintenance and repair services, visit their website: https://d-central.tech/ follow them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DCentralTech/ or find them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DCentralTech/

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