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Define the Present and Future of NFTPENDST in the Context of the Meta-universe

New York, United States, 2nd Jun 2022, As technology evolves, the meta-universe is arising in our vision with an unstoppable force. It will also change our way of understanding the world to a great extent. The metaverse will lead the way to a new digital age soon, with its virtual symbiosis of experience.

In 2020, with the quiet arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital economy has been given a major opportunity to grow. During the pandemic, public use and reliance on the Internet are evident to all. This is a good proof that the virtual world becomes an indispensable part of our real life. In terms of technology advancement, artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data and other technologies are becoming increasingly mature, setting a firm technical foundation for the development of the metaverse. From the perspective of human development prospect, the metaverse, as a carrier of combining virtual and reality, is capable of fully engaging in all aspects of life. To sum up, the development of metaverse is inevitable of the times.

The appearance of the metaverse will help us make the deep integration of virtual world and real world in the real sense. With the multiple concepts it integrates, NFT, as a value carrier, assumes the responsibility of bridging the real world and the digital world. It enables the capitalization of virtualized items in the metaverse and assists in the trading of virtual items. It allows NFT to serve as an asset-based entity for data content, thus going further to realize the value flow of data content. Meanwhile, when we look deeper into the NFT, we find that it is actually built on the blockchain and coded using the same underlying software as many other cryptocurrencies. This allows each NFT to possess a unique identifier and metadata to distinguish them, making them more reliable according to security. In line with the trend of the times, the investment cost of the NFTPENDST meta-universe NFT liquidity protocol aggregation financial platform is relatively lower. Moreover, upon a successful investment, users can participate in NFT market-making benefits and revenue distribution, get the division of labor rewards, and enjoy the value-added benefits. Also, since it is based on the blockchain smart contract, no third-party participation or guarantee is required, effectively solving the trust problem, reducing costs and fully improving efficiency. It is dedicated to allowing users to acquire more reliable, sustainable and transparent asset ownership at minimal cost in the virtual world, and further to make economic gains.

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