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China, 30th Dec 2022, King NewsWireGuangduan has been making press machines for more than 30 years. We have hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, hydraulic press,forging press,forging presses and high-speed presses that can be used for a wide range of tasks. We provide customers with a satisfactory experience and have a variety of high-quality products.

Let’s get into the detail of some of the products.

Definition of mechanical power press:

Let’s get to know the definition of a mechanical power press.

A mechanical power press chops, punches, shapes, or assembles metal or other materials using tools or dies attached to slides or rams. When working with metal, the stock is first placed on a bottom die, and then a top die is used to strike the stock. The top die is connected to the crankshaft through connecting rods, and the motor, flywheel, and gear power transmission are responsible for turning the crankshaft to turn the top die.

The working principle of mechanical press:

The working principle of a mechanical press is to convert the rotational force of an electric motor into a translational force that drives the mechanism of pressing work.

Typically, a motor serves as the source of power for the mechanical press machine. When utilizing a mechanical press machine, three primary stages must be completed to complete the metal forming process. All mechanical press parts must be lubricated inward. This ensures a steady flow of oils while pressing.

The production cycle begins with the material set on the dies for machining. The operators should regulate the mechanical press to provide suitable pressure to shape or alter the raw materials. So, mechanical machines will eject and collect finished products.

High-speed stamping machine:

The high-speed stamping machine is an extremely useful and powerful piece of equipment that may be put to work in a wide variety of contexts. Paper, cardboard, and even metal can be imprinted with ease using this tool. Because of its high speed and precision, it can make designs that are both attractive and detailed.

High-speed blanking press:

high-speed blanking press is a type of machine used to cut metal sheets into shapes. The machine uses a die to cut the metal sheets. It is a sharpened tool that is used to cut metal sheets. The machine uses a hydraulic system to operate the die. The machine is operated by a controller. A high-speed blanking press can offer many benefits over a traditional stamping press, including higher production speeds, more precise stamping, and improved safety.


Pressing and forging machines are used to shape metal and other materials. Guangduan has a great team to manufacture the products. They are loyal to their work and customers. Go and buy your products from them.

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