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DoubleUp has partnered up with top 27 CEX P2B to step into the next phase.


P2B is set to host an IEO for DoubleUp, a self-funded, next-generation web3 decentralized application. P2B has over 2.5 million visits per week and a trading volume of around $1 billion USD, DoubleUp is poised to make a significant impact in the crypto market. This collaboration with P2B will facilitate DoubleUp’s entry into the market, offering a promising value proposition to its users and the broader crypto community.



How is DoubleUp different from other projects?


The current market is experiencing growth, with numerous new projects launching and being developed. DoubleUp is joining this dynamic landscape by utilizing current and future technology focused on community building. They are tapping into the undervalued GambleFi narrative, which currently represents approximately 2% of GameFi,1.6% of AI and 1.2% of Meme narratives.


DoubleUp is taking a unique approach to existing gambling platforms, aiming to eliminate the “house-edge” entirely, providing all players with equal winning chances without any disadvantages. Their no-deposit mechanism allows users to play directly from their wallets, ensuring fast, seamless, and secure transactions.


Furthermore, DoubleUp is implementing a feature called Fair Wealth Distribution, utilizing current technology to decentralize platform earnings. This approach allows both investors and players to participate in platform fees, with a potential share of 80/20 in favor of the community.


In terms of technology, DoubleUp is leveraging the benefits of Layer2s, but they are also pioneering the use of AggLayer. By aggregating their decentralized application (dApp) possibilities, DoubleUp aims to achieve a significant market reach. Unified liquidity will play a key role in the platform’s future success.


DoubleUp has also developed a platform reward system and a staking reward system, supported by a sustainable tokenomics plan. This will provide value to users holding, participating, or playing on the platform.



DoubleUp Platform


DoubleUp is launching with two games initially, which may seem limited at first glance. However, considering the extensive effort put into developing a secure and fully decentralized platform, this is a reasonable starting point. There is no end to the growth of the platform, as several additional games are currently being developed. This ensures that players can enjoy a variety of new games throughout DoubleUp’s existence. All games will be provided without the house-edge, ensuring fair play for all users.





The platform’s innovative approach to decentralized gambling, coupled with its focus on community building and fair play, makes it an attractive opportunity for investors looking to capitalize on the potential of the crypto market. With a sustainable tokenomics plan and a platform reward system that adds value to users, DoubleUp is set to offer a diverse and engaging experience for its users.


Don’t miss your chance to become a part of a transformative journey toward a game-changing gambling future. Join DoubleUp!







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