Educate the Globe: A Multimedia Project Led By A 14 Year-Old

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Educate the Globe is a multimedia project dedicated to spreading the stories of both students and educators. Founded by 14-year-old Leo Liu, Educate the Globe is dedicated to creating an understanding between younger and older generations, and demonstrating that we all have something to learn from each other.

United States, 30th Dec 2022, King NewsWire – Educate the Globe is a project dedicated to giving a spotlight to the personal stories and messages of both students and educators around the world. In an era where education is the focus of intense scrutiny, the experiences of the people involved in these institutions can be left out or understated, as they become used as Concepts to prove a point.

The Educate the Globe Project provides an opportunity for educators and students around the world to share their message to the world through writing. Each year, we determine a theme, and open applications. After the deadline, we will select around 25-30 Essays, and format them into a book. Since this is the first year of our project, Educate the Globe plan to start small. Their intention is to select 25-30 essays and format them into a book. The title of the book will be “Educate the Globe 2023: Resilience,” with resilience being the main theme of the compiled essays.

In the future, Educate the Globe plans to continue expanding into different forms of media and presentations in order to achieve the same goal. An Educate the Globe podcast is already in the works, hosted by the project’s founder, Leo Liu, as he interviews a variety of students and educators with unique perspectives on the future of education. Later down the road, a greater goal of Educate the Globe is to organize a National Debate Conference, where teachers and students will have a chance to speak to each other, and share their ideas and experiences.

About the founder – Xiang “Leo” Liu

The founder of Educate the Globe, Leo Liu, has been engaging in multiple different projects that focus on connecting different generations. Educate the Globe will serve to connect students and educators, which Leo believes will be a great first step to ensuring a lasting development in understanding each other. The origins of Leo’s desire to connect the generations can be found in his book, “A World Split in Two: Generational Division,” which was published in June 2022. The core of Leo’s beliefs, as a member of the youth himself, is that empathy and understanding are the most important things needed for progress to be made: If people are separated just based on when they were born, progress becomes much more harder to accomplish. As the host of the Educate the Globe podcast, Leo hopes to continue interviewing an array of both students and educators, and learn as much as he can to make sure that an understanding can be created between them.

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