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Elias Sitton Salame announces MEXIHOUSE, an unprecedented World Cup Fan Fiesta in Qatar 2022.

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MEXIHOUSE is a latin fan fiesta that will take place in Waldorf Astoria Lusail, Doha. The unprecedented festive will be hosting more than 7,000 attendees a day.

Doha, Qatar, 17th Nov 2022 – MexiHouse, an entertainment and communication firm, promotes its country’s culture by holding a Fan Fiesta during the Qatar World Cup. Through this initiative, MexiHouse is believed to bring the richness of Mexico to essential events in the world, promoting the country’s tremendous cultural, gastronomic, and tourist heritage.

To maintain the legacy of Mexico in international tourism. MexiHouse brings Latin America to Qatar, this approach will portray Mexican cultural richness and hospitality. The company is known for creating such venues worldwide, and bringing Mexico one mile closer to its customers.

Likewise, through communication and entertainment platforms, the company seeks to boost the reach and awareness of the Mexican culture. MexiHouse promotes the following areas through its event:

  1. Art: The venue promotes the hereditary Mexican culture and art in order to reach a worldwide consensus.
  2. Patriotism: The company focuses on respect for the values ​​of Mexican society, respecting its essence, its history, its people, and its symbols.
  3. Empathy: MexiHouse focuses on respect for the values​​ of the Mexican society, taking care of its essence, history, people, and symbols.
  4. Freedom: The team at MexiHouse adheres to one of the basic principles of community, respecting the free will of all individuals over image, property, etc.
  5. National identity: MexiHouse talks about the collective feeling of belonging to a nation, sharing the vision of a world united by the highest values.

Additionally, MexiHouse is bringing Mexican nightlife to Doha, with its well-known Latin music and drinks Latin Lounge 27 is the best place to be for a life time experience.

MexiHouse is looking forward to reaching all corners of the world through its cultural agenda to position national talent. The objective of Fun Fiesta is to be the leading channel in cultural diffusion, seeking to promote the different branches of art and gastronomy that characterize Mexico.

About the Company – MexiHouse

MexiHouse creates events to transmit Mexican culture in order for the significant heritage to enrich more people. The company seeks to give a unique approach to cultural richness to keep Mexico high in people’s minds.

For further information, visit: https://mexihouse.com/.

Media Contact

Organization: Mexihouse

Contact Person: Mr. Elias Sitton Salame

Email: sales@mexihouse.com

Website: https://mexihouse.com/

City: Doha

Country: Qatar