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Embrace The Glorious Impact Of Rising Star’s ‘I Love Jesus’, And The Excellent Standard That Comes With It

United States, 21st Jul 2022, Elite, exclusive, prestigious. These are words that all come to mind when one mentions a ‘must-have’ artwork. In fact, they are more than worthy when discussing the value of Rising Star’s  ‘I Love Jesus’. This is a remarkable collection including The World’s Most Expensive Photographs and a Couture Collection with many individual pieces valued at more than a billion dollars. Those are numbers that one cannot scoff at. Those are numbers that in fact should inspire all to stand up and take attention at the amount of glory ‘I Love Jesus’ is presenting to them. Rising Star has taken their creativity even further by including a selection of poetry, images and photographs all beautifully curated into this winning compilation. 

Rising Star has set the bar and laid out such an incredibly high standard that the initial reaction to the cost might have you awash with surprise, until you investigate and understand the worldwide impact of positivity it presents from the Christian faith. This eye-opening trillion-dollar art collection of amazing work includes The Billion Dollar Poem and is all part of the work at play. This project just so happens to be one of spreading Christianity at an unseen level. 

This grand collection is not only one for the ages but is also a follow up to the earlier ‘I Met Jesus’ collection which was amazing in its own right. Rising Star has been absolutely smashing it with their creations, bringing the faith of Christianity to a broader base with their inspiring and engaging works of art. What they have been creating is so amazing and beautiful, so it does not surprise people that their art holds the astonishing value it does. What they are creating for the world is worth that and much more. Putting the smiles on faces and instilling faith in the hearts make all of what they are doing more than worth it.

Please take a deep dive at all the creativeness featured in these other in-house collections:

  • I Met Jesus (I Met Jesus 5 Times This Year and He Named My Brand) (I Met Jesus 5 Times Again…3 Times in January)
  • Jesus Showed Me A Split Sea
  • Christ Is My Fountain
  • Holy One of Israel (Worth 14 Figures)
  • 100 Poem Collection 

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