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Wyoming, United States, 26th Apr 2024 – Certicos is a Utility Token which enables users to create documents to sign, send and save to the first Global Encrypted Blockchain System using P2P (Peer to Peer) Interplanetary File Storage (IPFS).  


All of this for a fraction of the cost of other legacy eSignature Document services. 


Think of DocuSign, but we use our own blockchain to send and store documents and the CERT token to power the eSignature service. 


Certicos provides a REAL-WORLD utility in the crypto space.


Certicos, an ERC-20 utility token, emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of certification and authentication, poised to revolutionize the crypto world with its distinctive mission and vision. At the core of Certicos lies a steadfast commitment to combating counterfeiting, fostering adherence to customer specifications, and delivering authentication services across a spectrum of domains encompassing durable goods, components, legal documents, and services.


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The driving force behind Certicos is its overarching mission to establish global leadership in digital document creation, certification, and approval. It envisions a world where individuals and businesses, irrespective of language or geographical barriers, can seamlessly access its services powered by cutting-edge technologies such as the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), Blockchain, and Cryptography. With a relentless focus on affordability and security, Certicos endeavors to offer its services at minimal costs, while ensuring the highest standards of data protection and service quality.

The genesis of Certicos stems from a pressing need for a cost-effective, globally accessible platform for document transmission and approval, underscored by the integration of blockchain technology. Unlike conventional online document control providers that resort to subscription-based models, Certicos adopts a token-based approach, leveraging its native cryptocurrency, CERT. This novel paradigm allows document creators to utilize CERTs for transactions on the platform, facilitating seamless interaction within the ecosystem.


At its core, Certicos strives to revolutionize document transmission and approval on a global scale, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), Blockchain, and Cryptography. These technologies enable Certicos to offer its services at a low cost, ensuring accessibility to individuals and businesses worldwide while maintaining the highest standards of security and service quality.

The inception of Certicos was motivated by the need for a cost-effective solution for document management and approval, coupled with the integration of blockchain technology to ensure transparency and immutability. Unlike other providers that impose subscription-based models, Certicos opts for transparency and affordability by leveraging its native cryptocurrency, CERT.


The CERT token lies at the heart of Certicos’ operations, serving as the primary transaction medium for creating, signing, and verifying documents. Moreover, it incentivizes active participation within the document management ecosystem by rewarding approvers. Through the use of CERT, users can securely create, sign, and store documents on an encrypted, decentralized system, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of stored data.


Certicos pioneers an integrated supply chain document sharing system, empowering suppliers to write documents to the blockchain and customers to access and review them seamlessly. Additionally, third-party authenticators play a crucial role in dispositioning documents for approval to industry standards, further enhancing the platform’s credibility and reliability.

The platform’s user-friendly interface and cloud-based IoT capabilities facilitate effortless document management for creators and approvers alike. With encrypted QR code links enabling easy access to electronically certified documents, Certicos eliminates the need for traditional ink-based certification, ushering in a new era of efficiency and convenience.


Certicos positions itself as a disruptor in the eSignature landscape, offering a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the evolving needs of users. Its proprietary token, CERT, serves as the primary medium for transactions, enabling users to create, sign, and securely store documents on a decentralized, encrypted system. By embracing blockchain technology, Certicos ensures the immutability and integrity of stored data, thereby instilling trust and confidence in its users.

Furthermore, Certicos stands out as the first integrated supply chain document sharing system, empowering suppliers to write documents directly onto the blockchain, while facilitating easy access for customers to review electronically certified documents. Through its innovative approach, Certicos eliminates the need for traditional ink-based documentation, streamlining the certification process and enhancing efficiency across the supply chain.


As Certicos ventures into the crypto space, it remains committed to its core principles of transparency, affordability, and accessibility. With a robust ecosystem fueled by its native token, CERT, and bolstered by a marketplace of certification templates and documents, Certicos heralds a new era of trust and accountability in the digital landscape.



About the project


Certicos, an ERC-20 utility token, pioneers certification and authentication, aimed at transforming the crypto world through its mission. With an unwavering focus on preventing counterfeiting and ensuring adherence to customer requirements, Certicos leads the charge in authenticating a wide range of items. In its crypto journey, Certicos upholds transparency, affordability, and accessibility, driven by its native token CERT and a marketplace offering certification templates, ushering in a new era of trust and accountability in the digital realm.
















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