Eternity Protocol Announces Pre-Sale for ETRNTY Token on November 8th

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Greece, 11th Nov 2022, King NewsWire$ETRNTY protocol is token available on Binance smart chain – “BSC” network with the utilities for its holders to earn more token on daily basis by winning through different ways like $ETRNTY staking, NFT staking and P2E games. $ETRNTY is a product of “BSC”, working as BNB smart chain explorer is sponsored by BINANCE- world’s largest crypto exchange. $ETRNTY introduces its new smart utilities for the holders that will provide a complete solid road map to win and earn more token directly into your pocket.

What is $ETRNTY? 

$ETRNTY is proud to be a pioneer in the DeFi space and is excited to launch the new use cases that this will entail. Eternity protocol is a decentralized and open-source token on BSC Network. Utilities such as $ETRNTY Staking, NFT Staking, P2E Game “Gates of Olympus”, and the smart burn function make it unique and sustainable. $ETRNTY token is what you need in the current time to boost up your earnings by $ETRNTY staking, NFT staking, and by playing P2E gaming. The presale of $ETRNTY token on PinkSale will start on November 8th @ 1500 UTC and will run until November 9th @ 1500 UTC. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for those who want to hold a token that provides several chances to multiply your earnings. Through $ETRNTY staking transfer, all your earnings go directly into your own wallet to provide a hassle-free experience while receiving your winning. The tax rate is 3% maximum only.

Board for the journey to $ETRNTY 

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMUhNv90AHU 

What makes Eternity protocol a safe contract?

When you invest with any token one of the most important aspects must be its transparency and safety. Eternity protocol covers all the safety precautions to make $ETRNTY a safe and secure contract to invest in with zero % contract manipulation.  


The $ETRNTY team has selected one of the best SAFU Developers from PinkSale.finance list of contracted developers to work alongside the Eternity Protocol team. This ensures that there are zero chances of contract manipulation.


$ETRNTY encompasses all the major KYC verifications to ensure global investors safety as well as participating in a safe and healthy BSC environment.



Eternity Protocol smart contract is fully audited by CoinSult without any vulnerabilities being found to ensure the investors convenient, secure, and instant transactions at any time directly into their $ETRNTY wallet. 

Eternity Protocol Audit Report: https://coinsult.net/audits/Coinsult_Eternity_0x47…349E_Audit.pdf 

NFT Staking

For the people who have keen interest in crypto currency and NFTs collection, the $ETRNTY NFTs will be the perfect place to discover real creativity. It’s easy to buy, stake, and sell multiple or single NFTs within a few clicks.

Eternity Protocol is launching the best looking NFTs on the block chain with 4 initial NFTs (1000 pieces in total) which are almost ready for minting.

Common (Hades) 500 pieces

Rare (Poseidon) 350 pieces

Ultra Rare (Hera) 100 pieces

Diamond (Zeus) 50 pieces

P2E Gaming

Now it’s your turn to play and earn more with $ETRNTY P2E Game ‘’Gates of Olympus’’ one of the most well-designed p2e games gives you the ability to skyrocket your winnings with the signature of Eternity Protocol. Take full control of the legendary Greek gods in real-time combat. 

Let’s learn something about (DApp) for new investor’s interests,

A distributed open-source software programme that operates on a peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain network rather than on a single computer is known as a decentralised application (DApp). DApps resemble software system apps that run on a website or on a mobile device, but they are peer-to-peer. The $ETRNTY protocol is the lock stake investment which gives its holders multiple options to get high yield rewards, it is your own choice 

$ETRNTY has a great mechanism built into the smart contract and web3.0 where you are incentivized for compounding / reinvesting your daily rewards.

Many financial instruments used in the cryptocurrency area such as, DeFi (Decentralized finance), have provided an escape from low-interest rates (from conventional investments) to numerous users. DeFi based applications (DApps) have made it possible for users to trust an impartial, decentralized network of computer systems running complex cryptographic evidence to procedure and validate details.

Whitepaper link:


This is enough to be a part of becoming a member of the $ETRNTY community, so what are you waiting for? $ETRNTY presale is staring on November 8, 2022. Check out $ETRNTY token to learn how the doors of earning could open for you.


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