Experienced Leadership Is at the Core of Keyspace Studio, a No-Code Web3 SaaS Platform

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Los Angeles, California, United States, 16th Sep 2022, King NewsWire, The next evolution in tech represents a titanic shift in the mechanics of our digital experience. The metaverse, an immersive and virtual macrocosm, offers us the ability to game, work, and connect, but it would be inaccurate to assume that the term encapsulates a broad, congruous multiverse. Each metaverse is singular – an idiopathic realm with discrete admittance protocols, membership, production access, and various configurations of commerce, creativity, and expression. The term has come to represent the general conception of these distinct worlds with the assertion that we’ve arrived in an unfeigned domain replete with unimaginable complexity. 

Dozens of companies have already entered the space, with gaming and entertainment at the forefront. Epic games and their console releases have ensured a painless transition into the space through simulated frameworks. Roblox has revolutionized the ability to create characters and design monetizable adventures in the space, and Decentraland is a virtual world retained by its users that allows them to construct virtual edifices, galleries, and recreation areas, and charge users for access. Unity has created engines to power gaming collectives and brand integration and stimulate the expansion of VR development. 

Businesses still uncertain of the prospect of these virtual worlds have looked to the pioneering brands making headway in the space. Alfa Romeo has entered the Everdome metaverse to provide a new virtual experience for fans and the racing community. Fidelity Investments, a major financial services firm with $11.3 trillion in assets under administration, has entered the metaverse with the opening of an eight-story learning center and the launch of a metaverse exchange-traded fund (ETF). And The Australian Football League (AFL) has agreed a five-year non-fungible token (NFT) and metaverse partnership with Animoca Brands, hoping to provide fans with immersive Web 3.0 experiences.

Atlanta-based Keyspace Studio is an emerging Saas company that functions as the crucial intermediary between these brands and the metaverse. They facilitate the evolution of a company’s conventional business and their developing digital domain by integrating their brand messaging into virtual worlds. The platform’s cornerstone is an all-inclusive approach to managing NFT campaigns for loyalty, brand affinity, and employee recognition. “The focus of the platform is to remove the intimidation and complexity of Web3 and enable marketers and creators to build Web3 campaigns without knowing how to code or hiring blockchain developers,” Jonathan Hessing, CEO and Co-Founder of Keyspace Studio. They’ve partnered with the creator of Snoop’s most profitable NFT, Julian Banks, in order to boost awareness of the project and expand upon their growing community of brands, creators, and influencers. 

The commercial implications that Keyspace plans to incorporate have been amplified by the economics surrounding monetization from social experiences. This emerging sector, social commerce, is projected to reach $36 billion, and expected to supplant expansion models similar to China. The social media ecosystem is expected to capitalize on the aggregate of commerce and community by adopting virtual fashion locales and event spaces. Companies aren’t simply hawking physical products though. Sotheby’s announced its own metaverse for NFTs and curated art, and these virtual goods will develop in influence as efficiency progresses. Brands that neglect this burgeoning space will undoubtedly lose market share. For brands navigating this new frontier, how they interact with their communities and introduce new virtual identities will be the deciding factor in their longevity in the space. 

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