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Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. Appreciated for its Vital Contribution to Achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 1

With a vision to end abject poverty and on a mission to extend opportunities to the poor, Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. announces August 2nd to be World Feed The Poor Day. #worldfeedthepoorday

Houston, Texas, United States, 22nd Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Towards a World without Poverty. 

Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. is a nonprofit organization that actively participates to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals UN SDGs. Focusing primarily on UN SDG 1, which talks about ending poverty, Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. believes it is the fundamental goal to attain the other 16 goals. Their team is consistently working hard to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others by focusing on sustainable projects and long-term earnings. Their target is to cover the poverty-stricken, including children, widows, orphans, older people, homeless and displaced individuals, and unemployed youth. To encourage maximum participation and spread awareness about poverty, they have announced August 2nd to be World Feed The Poor Day every year. 

Established in 2019, the organization, through the inception of International Awareness Day, marks a day to feed the poor all across the globe. Extending support to the United Nations and World Bank’s goal to end poverty, Feed The Poor Day pays necessary attention to the need for collective effort in helping those in need of it. ”Our unique approach is to focus on providing physical and spiritual support to the poor,” shared the team behind Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. 



The International Awareness Day remembers and highlights lesser privileged communities, and the organization assists them in overcoming their immediate challenges. The day recalls all those impoverished over the expense of feeding the rich, the victims of war and natural disasters worldwide, and the people who are marginalized and are not provided with equal opportunities. The day brings awareness and advocates for diversity and inclusivity on all levels of society. It is a day to understand the importance of equality, equity, and justice. The day to mobilize the empowered to empower the poor through global giving.

The World Feed the Poor Day is celebrated with three primary activities: Outreach, Thanksgiving, and an Awards Night session. This historic event, set to begin this year, is anticipated to bring together leaders, think tanks, and large-scale industries to address the issue of poverty that has increased ever since globalization and to debate the ineffectiveness and partiality of international initiatives. ‘The SDGs were previously aimed to be met by 2015, we are looking at 2030, and the statistics aren’t developing optimism among us. We need to take concrete sustainable measures and to make it possible, we invite each individual from all over the world to participate in this day in whichever way possible, every little contribution matters,’‘ said the team members of Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. Watch World Feed The Poor Day Introductory at World Feed The Poor Day

World Feed The Poor Day began in 2021 after the grave consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic that left many unemployed and saw many small businesses shut down as the global economic stagnation pushed many under the poverty line. Since then, Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. has worked with dedicated volunteers and business groups, including all anti-poverty nonprofits and government agencies, to fight extreme poverty and work toward creating a poverty-free world. 

Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. has many projects underway; Festival Outreach, Kings Meal, Teach 2 Fish, and Church Linkage, among many others. With such large-scale sustainable projects, the organization delivers impeccable charity services to the poor worldwide. For more details and information about the projects proposed and initiated by Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc., visit: PROPOSED PROJECTS – Feed The Poor.

For more details and information, visit their website.

About Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc.

Feed The Poor Foundation of America Inc. is a non-profit organization that works to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the poor. It operates strategically as a faith-based organization with charitable goals, reinvesting a portion of its other company’s profits and the profits of its many philanthropic entrepreneurs and businesses in non-profit and community projects. Feed The Poor Foundation is organized solely for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes, including distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (3). It has introduced poverty International Awareness Day which is marked on August 2nd every year and is called the World Feed The Poor Day.



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