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Finally – A gaming metaverse with NFT utility from day one.

King Newswire

Thousands of NFT projects have set foot in the NFT space. But only a handful could proveutility as their forefront.

New castle, United Kingdom, 18th Aug 2022, King NewsWire, In comes MK2, most awaited gaming metaverse housing 3,888 operate-to-earn genesis NFTs that have utility from day one. Yes you heard it right. !MK2 NFTs carry utility from day one.”

Holding an MK2 Genesis NFT is like owning a gaming house with a casino gaming license. The 3,888 NFTS are in three tiers; 688 Diamond, 1,200 Platinum & 2,000 Gold, with a distribution of values according to their tiers.

Listen to a recording of the MK2 Twitter Space by Crypto Diva Kristina Keller who’s also followed by CZ of Binance, Alt Coin Daily & The Moon Carl: https://twitter.com/Crypto__Diva/status/1558042661176713216?s=20&t=araGEKNhswEQ4yRXbSh4Og

“As a gamingmetaverse with only 3,888 genesis NFTs, scarcity of the MK2 NFTs resonate quality over quantity. The operate-to-earn factor of these NFTs is a game changer, blending casino enthusiasm with metaverse gaming to produce an ultimate pleasurable gaming high, that is so bona-fide, players would never want to leave the MK2 gaming metaverse.”

Capitalise on the early opportunity into money as a Boss: In the real world, casino revenues are exceeding billions of dollars. In the virtual world, casino gaming is just the beginning.


Own an MK2 NFT to virtually own a casino and be the boss of your own house at the MK2 gaming metaverse. Bravo.

As a boss of your own casino gaming house, the probability advantage is always with the house, hence needless to say, the house always wins.

Playing at MK2 but Vegas is on your mind: Here’s why! All the classic Vegas like casino games will be at your fingertips at a simple click inside an MK2 gaming house. So don’t forget to try your luck with both FIAT or Crypto, while sipping your drink, at the same time be virtually entertained with the excitement of immersive metaverse gaming everywhere anytime.

“Once inside the MK2 gaming metaverse, start exploring from all your favourite gaming houses. Traverse from one gaming house to another at the hover/click of your smart device. We guarantee an experience so swift and so smooth, more like time travelling as a time traveler searching for magical hieroglyphs in the lands of the ancient pyramids. Only the ancient pyramids are the MK2 metaverse and magical hieroglyphs are the MK2 casino games.”


Electrifying games: Imagine 3,888 gaming houses with the biggest selection of casino games such as super slots, spin roulettes, crazy jackpots, baccarat and many other virtual table top casino games. The list is endless, will only be revealed upon launch of the MK2 gaming metaverse.

And as a sneak peak, today MK2 launched three more games on their discordserver. Try’em out let us know. “Please beware; you may win something for engaging with the World’s favourite gaming metaverse.”

Daily winners on MK2 Socials: The MK2Metaverse is not yet launched, but MK2 is producing daily winners already. Get a preview during the exhilarating MK2 poker royale games, as they call it, at their discord server daily.


Play an MK2 Poker Royale Hold “em and experience one of the fastest easiest ways to win USDTs instantly. “Bet you ain”t seen nothing” like it on any other discord server.”


 Daily Contests & Promotions: As a generous gaming metaverse, MK2 is giving daily USDTs to daily winning participants competing in their various contests such as !Predict a score”, !Monday memes”, !Level-up on discord” & !Loyalty rewards”. Its our challenge, find a paymaster better than us and win. LOL

True Decentralisation: Crypto conglomerates such as Binance and Ethereum still to this day practice centralisation. But such is not the case at MK2. Achievement of true decentralisation is a big feat for the MK2 Dev Team. MK2 is free from any authority and that ensures; limitless and fast transactions. Power within the MK2 gaming metaverse is distributed between 3,888 NFT holders and its metaverse users through DAO. 

Variety of banking options: The MK2 gaming metaverse uses a variety of banking options. Users will be able to use conventional FIAT payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal, as well as crypto for depositing/cashing out winnings safely and swiftly. 

Safe & Secure Gaming Tech: The MK2 gaming metaverse can be experienced on all devices thanks to our DEV Team. State-of-the-art encrypted blockchain technology keeps your gaming house safe and your players protected. Easily connect wallet to make your first deposit anywhere everywhere. And don”t forget to claim the MK2 first-timer welcome gift.

 You’re gonna’ miss out if you don’t sign up for one of the limited 5,112 whitelist spots. However, let us warn you. These WL Spots are not easy to get. First off, you have to achieve level 10 on MK2 discord server to show them that you are loyal enough.

Then, you have to invite friends to demonstrate further allegiance. And to top it all off, you have to show high fidelity by competing in their various contests. You win WL and USDTs, MK2 wins another loyal fan. Win-win for all. 

Saving the best for the last: Win 1,000 USDT by competing in MK2 Super O.G. Contest starting in 3 days. 

More to follow. Stay tuned to MK2 Socials for all updates.

 MK2 Media Contact Kit 

MK2 Twitter Handle- https://twitter.com/mk2club

MK2 Discord Server- https://discord.gg/mk2club

MK2 Website Details- http://www.mk2.club/

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