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Fourier Intelligence extend the business to multi-pupose robot including high ROI military defense.

Fourier Intelligence extend the business to multi-pupose robot including high ROI military defense territory

United States, 5th Dec 2023 – The P7 Fund, under the capital of Saudi Arabia, is on the way to invest another robot company, Fourier Intelligence in China. Goo Jia, CEO of F0urier Intelligence said this will help much on  marketing and sales in middle east, south American. 

This charming 44-axis humanoid is 165cm height, 55kg, running up to 5km/h. Now we offer online pre-order by http://genero.one. 

Recently,  Xi Jinping, Chairman of the Centra Military Commission visited Fourier for his high technology seeking. This case promote P7, Saudi Aramco follow up with Xi to enter multi-industry all over the world including Asia and Amberica.

Gu Jia, the CEO of Fourier Intelligence obtained the intellectual property and core technology from AMBER Robotics, particularly in relation to rehabilitation robot actuators & latest release of the GR-1 robot.  He said both will bring more chance to work together to enhance the leverage of this high dynamic robot motion locomotion and manipulation. 

The 2nd generation bio-inspired embodied AI humanoid is currently in the process of research, development, and deployment. With the technical support of AMBER Robotic and GeneRo.one, Gu Jia plans to enter more diverse fields in the Asian, Middle Eastern, and North American markets, collaborating with local partners. These fields include heavy industry, agriculture, military, and medical rehabilitation. Gu Jia mentioned that they have already received multiple forms of support, ranging from policy to business, from governments in various countries, including Russia, South America, Africa, and others.

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