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G9tro Crowdfunding token launches the world’s first Taiwanese metaverse.

G9tro Crowdfunding token(G9Tro) is helping launch the world’s first Taiwanese metaverse, and it is the biggest project to date for G9Tro starting June 2022. G9tro Crowdfunding token is available on multiple exchanges under its symbol (G9tro). The funding partnership represents over 300,000 members waiting on the official launch date in June or July 2022.

May 30, 2022 the name of the metaverse will be announced on crypto news wires to protect the high-level advanced technology behind the project. The platform is bringing events, concerts, gaming, meta-citizenships, Real Estate projects, to the metaverse. The project has partnered with a high-tech partner in the ticketing industry, which was founded in 2002, and hosts a leading online exchange with over $5.5 billion dollar worth of tickets in its inventory. The metaverse will enable buyers and sellers to exchange tickets to thousands of events with G9tro tokens and the Metaverse parent token to be created for utility on the Binance platform.

The metaverse is quickly becoming a daily conversation due to huge multi-million-dollar investments by Wallstreet and companies like Meta, in which funds are pouring in from major institutional investors. Seven billion humans cannot live without the internet and companies are creating web 3.0 applications daily and Forbes said in its article, the Next Trillion Dollar business is the Metaverse Dec 20, 2021 Forbes.

Major new advancements are about to explode the metaverse project powered by G9tro Crowdfunding tokens. G9tro announcements and tv commercials will compete head-to-head with major metaverse deployments for customer acquisitions in August 2022. The multi-platform project will be designed on the Unity platform and customized with in-house technologies from the Utah and Taiwanese programming teams. G9Tro Crowdfunding tokens are designed to generate sustainable for new projects in the cryptocurrency industry.

G9tro has put their 25 years of global experience, and research, and latest technology to use to help create a metaverse where people are entering the emerging digital world. Metaverse citizenship and education will lead the way in the first phase in June 2022 with crypto education online to help create a digital citizenship model to onboard with free tokens for personal data registrations (web 3.0) which will  grow digital user database on the coming metaverse platform. The world needs a system that provides web 3.0 adaption to phase all people into the metaverse while teaching the features , benefits, and advantages of being an early adopter.

G9tro Crowdfunding token and the metaverse platform has secured an advertising relationship with media network with a fifty country tv distribution commitment reaching 150 million living rooms via Tv commercials, just like Q R codes used by Coinbase during the 2022 Super Bowl commercial receiving over 20 million Q R Code scans in 30 seconds. Go9tro Wireless is a USA-based company that created the G9tro Crowdfunding token wallet to help with innovative technology projects that allows people to benefit global from smart technologies . Web 3.0 businesses are revolutionizing  the digital transformation of the physical world. G9tro Crowdfunding tokens will take its ownership part of the platform so people can join the metaverse revolution by sharing tokenization of data backed to the user.

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