Gamia Expands its Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem with Exciting Developments

Gamia, a leading platform in the web3 gaming sector, announces the successful launch and rapid filling of its first $GIA token staking pool, highlighting its popularity and community trust. A second staking pool has been opened due to high demand, featuring daily claimable rewards and an increase in BNB rewards. Additionally, $GIA has been listed on Coinstore and Biconomy exchanges, with an upcoming listing on P2P exchange confirmed, demonstrating Gamia’s growth and market acceptance. The platform is also preparing for the launch of Lucky Wheel, a new game that promises to enrich its diverse gaming ecosystem further. Gamia continues to innovate, inviting developers to contribute and implementing reward programs to enhance user engagement.

United States, 25th Mar 2024 – Gamia is a Web3 gaming experience, blending a rich array of games with play-to-earn opportunities, all centered around the $GIA token. The GIA ecosystem rewards gamers not just by playing but through a 4% transaction tax that redistributes 2% in BNB rewards to holders. The $GIA Contract was created on the BNB Smart Chain 43 days ago, on February 10, 2024, at 12:04:28 PM UTC, with a total and max supply of 10 billion, with no option for minting additional tokens.

Gamia Expands its Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem with Exciting Developments

The Gamia project initiated a 7-day long presale on from February 15, 2024, 17:00 UTC, to February 22, 2024, 17:00 UTC. This presale successfully collected 432.97 BNB from 433 contributors and subsequently launched for trading on PancakeSwap on February 16, 2024, at 19:00 UTC.

In a mission to expand its community, Gamia is actively working on listing on centralized exchanges (CEXs) from various regions to make the project accessible to global investors upon the release of our products. To date, Gamia has been listed on several CEXs, including Coinstore, Biconomy, and P2b (on the line).

To grow the community and make it a more confident place for new investors, Gamia have launched two different stake pools. One is already filled, and the other one is still joinable, with around $300k in $GIA tokens staked and locked for 90 days by our investors, and the amount keeps growing every day.

The current focus of the Gamia project includes running marketing campaigns, engaging the community through events to draw more attention to Gamia, and increasing its presence on various marketplaces. This is being done while developing our first Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, Mana Clash. The vision for Gamia encompasses supporting not just one, but multiple P2E games in the future, with the $GIA token facilitating financial transactions within the Gamia ecosystem and offering access to future games and in-game advantages for $GIA holders.

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