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Genre-Defying Artist ART Drops Anticipated single – TOXIC

United States, 6th May 2022, King NewsWire A massive chart striker from the Bronx-bred rapper, “ART,” is his latest track titled “Toxic,” produced by ZZDIVINE.

Released exclusively on the first day of the year, the track dropped onto all major media streaming platforms with a clarion call that is rare in today’s rap scene. Born in the Bronx and raised in Queens, Jamaica, rapper “ART” revealed a true creative style from the center of his heart as he clearly displayed his artistry throughout his latest single. Telling a story about the universal language of Love and the inequities that lie within it, the single will remind you of his agility and creativity that he has displayed since his debut in the Hip-Hop game.

“Toxic” has been featured on the Hip-Hop radar for quite some time now. The song’s enchanting beats and ART’s versatile style in rap music have translated this single into one of the most wanted Hip-Hop vibes by so many lovers of rap music. With just an official audio, “Toxic” has caused a rush of excitement on many online streaming platforms with a considerably good number of fans leaving good reviews for the rapper’s ingenuity.

Rapper ART has for a couple of years displayed his adeptness through the music that he makes and the style with which he delivers most of his content. His latest single dropped shortly as the world had just ushered into the new year, 2022 with an ultimate feel of the best track that unveils a new season for him.

Even with a rare blend of instruments added to his track, the gifted rapper, ART, was able to comfortably convey his message as he complimented his individual strength of versatility. Hip-Hop/rap can be stereotyped as a lewd macho space where rappers only rap about themes such as money & status, but ART’s single “Toxic” emphasizes the universal language of Love & how to go about the toxicity that comes with Love.

Rapper ART has been famous in the lucrative Hip-Hop/rap scene for his earth-shuttering single titled “Fake Love,” which he released back in 2020. As an independent rapper, he has kept his position as one of the notable artists on the rise in the rap scene.

His single “Toxic” is another of his finest creations that you should check out today.

The single is available online on streaming platforms, including; Spotify & Apple Music.


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About Artist: ART

Born 16th of April 2002 in the Bronx, a borough of New York City, multi-talent rapper and songwriter, ART (Arthnell J.r Buckley) is one of the hidden secrets in the current Hip-Hop world. A new wave for music in our modern generation today, the rapper has developed a desirous discography featuring tracks that will make you fall in love with the Hip-Hop genre all over again. His style is subtle with so many flows that just keep on improving each time he releases a new single/project.

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