Editorial guidelines

At King Newswire, our commitment to delivering a comprehensive array of news remains unwavering, encompassing diverse sectors ranging from commercial announcements to healthcare updates and beyond. Our core objective is to collaborate closely with each client, ensuring their digital press releases garner the utmost attention and impact. However, it is essential to establish clear editorial guidelines to maintain the integrity and credibility of the information we disseminate.

Title & summary

Ensure your headlines are succinct, using 8 to 17 words, as shorter, more precise headlines typically yield better results. Specifically for the Bloomberg + Yahoo package, maintain your press release headline under 110 characters.

  • Utilize active verbs and phrases to create appealing headlines.
  • Ensure that the headlines accurately represent the content of the press release.
  • Avoid using special characters/symbols like &, %, TM, @, $, # or any symbols like that.
  • Craft headlines that are interesting, relevant, and up-to-date in their announcements.
  • Clearly describe the substance of the press release in the summary.
  • Keep the summary concise and straightforward, with a maximum of 40 words, using only a few short phrases.

Acceptable formation of a press release

  • The press release must have a clear newsworthy, corporate announcement from the company.
  • The release also shouldn’t contain investment opinion/advice.
  • Press releases should maintain an optimal length, ranging between 300 to 1500 words.
  • Maintain objectivity and authority throughout the press release. Avoid the use of first-person and second-person conversational language (e.g., I, we, you, etc.).
  • Craft press releases in the style of announcements, refraining from promotional or sales-driven content.
  • Exclude JavaScript or other scripting languages like OL, LI, or tables from the press release. Ensure that formatting is executed professionally.
  • Only incorporate quotes from authentic sources, accurately reflecting statements made by individuals.
  • While videos and images can have a significant impact, that’s why we offer certain packages with unlimited video and images. However, some packages come with only one image.
  • Utilize links judiciously to direct readers to additional information. Maintain the industry standard of one link per 200 words.
  • Always include relevant contact details within the press release, allowing interested parties to reach out for further inquiries.
  • Include the Contact person full name, Company name, Email, country and state, city of origin in press releases to provide essential context for the readers.
  • Thoroughly proofread and edit press releases to eliminate any grammatical or spelling errors, ensuring a polished final document.
  • Addressing XML issues is crucial, as it is a common reason for delays, non-publication of content, and problems after publication.

By adhering to these professional guidelines, the press releases will effectively convey the intended information while upholding a high standard of quality and credibility.

Company Contact Details:

The provided contact details must be associated with the source company of the press release. You must include the following essential information:

Company Name
Contact Person’s Full Name
Company Website
Company Webmail ID

Make sure that these details are accurate and correspond precisely to the company mentioned in the press release.

Acceptable subject & content of the article

  • Avoid the use of SPAM-related terms that may trigger spam filters.
  • Press releases concerning disputes, particularly those with negative implications, are not eligible for publication in King Newswire.
  • Opinion-only publications are not accepted by King Newswire.
  • Content that has been copied from other sources will not be considered for publication in King Newswire.
  • Releases promoting unlawful content or activities will not be accepted by King Newswire.
  • The use of obscene language in press releases is not permitted.
  • Press releases promoting financial products or services such as mortgages, payday loans, cash loans, short-term and long-term loans, and other similar offerings are not accepted.
  • Releases promoting explicit or adult content, escort services, sexual enhancement products, or any similar materials and services will not be published.
  • Press releases with the intent to slander or spread rumors are not accepted by King Newswire.
  • Releases that seek to exact vengeance on any individual or party will not be considered for publication in King Newswire.
  • Promotion of dating platforms, relationship seminars, and other dating and relationship-related products is not permitted on King Newswire.
  • Press releases promoting armament, firearms, and armory-related items and services will not be accepted.
  • Releases promoting pseudoscience-related products and services, such as psychic readings, are not eligible for publication.
  • Unlicensed and unverified alternative therapy items or services will not be considered for publication in King Newswire.
  • Press releases featuring radical political opinions or views will not be accepted by King Newswire.
  • Content related to government boards, organizations, departments, policies, administrations, offices, and other political issues will not be published in King Newswire.
  • Press releases featuring radical religious views or opinions are not accepted by King Newswire.
  • Unauthorized stock ticker symbols will not be considered for publication on King NewsWire.
  • Promotion of internet casinos, online betting, or any other gambling-related products or services is not permitted on King Newswire.
  • Press releases advocating alcohol or drug use will not be accepted.
  • King Newswire does not accept releases promoting nicotine-free e-cigarette products.
  • Promotion of green coffee, HCG, raspberry ketones, or other unregulated items is not permitted on King Newswire.
  • Press releases about unlawful device unlocking, rooting, or jailbreaking will not be considered for publication.
  • Content related to pirated software, cracks, APKs, and similar topics is not allowed on King Newswire.
  • King Newswire does not accept releases that are solely promotional or advertising in nature.
  • Excessively promotional releases, including affiliate product reviews, product trials, or reviews, will not be accepted by King Newswire.
  • King Newswire does not publish articles related to supplements or weight loss, body alteration techniques, or promoting unregulated cosmetics.
  • King Newswire does not publish personality-based press releases on top-tier news sites; however, these releases can be published with our Basic, Standard, and Premium packages only.

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and accuracy is unwavering. We appreciate your dedication to quality content and your partnership with King Newswire.

Prohibited content

King Newswire maintains strict guidelines regarding the types of content it supports and distributes. The following forms of content are not permitted on the platform:

Advertorial, Promotional, and Marketing Content: Press releases primarily intended to sell products or services are not accepted by King Newswire. Expressions like “SALE, DO NOT MISS OUT THE OPPORTUNITY, MAKE FORTUNE OR FREE” are examples of content that will not be distributed.

Sexually Articulated Content: Press releases containing sexual or illegal content are strictly prohibited.

Blog Content: Non-newsworthy blog articles, general interest pieces, “open letters,” and similar items are not approved for distribution.

Health Supplements: Press releases about health products or medications for sexual enhancement are not accepted.

Hazardous Content: King Newswire does not support the dissemination of content intended to harm or discredit individuals or groups.

Poor Writing Craftsmanship: Press releases that are poorly written, illogical, or written in the first-person or second-person perspective are not condoned.

To ensure that your content is in compliance with our guidelines and has the best chance of being approved for distribution, please carefully review and adhere to the above restrictions. We prioritize providing our readers with high-quality, relevant, and credible news content.


The King Newswire team retains full discretion to approve, disapprove, or remove any portion or entirety of the materials submitted or published, without prior notification, if they are deemed unsuitable for publication. It is hereby emphasized that any decision made by the King Newswire editorial team shall be considered final and irreversible.

Upon publication, the release cannot be edited or removed. Nonetheless, under certain circumstances, it is feasible to have a published release removed, subject to the payment of additional charges.

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