HECHT INS GEFECHT Implements Brand SEO Strategy for All Their Clients, Following Recent Google Core Updates

Bremen, Bremen, Germany, 30th May 2024, King NewsWireHECHT INS GEFECHT, a leading marketing agency in the DACH region, announced the expansion of their services to now offer brand SEO strategies to all their SEO clients, following core updates to Google’s ranking algorithm.

Keeping their track record as a fearless innovator in the space of search engine optimization, HECHT INS GEFECHT has been strategically strengthening their clients’ brands and rejecting low-effort approaches that focus on high content volume alone. In order to brace for Google’s current focus shift towards cohesive brands that people trust, they are working on establishing every brand they work with as a so-called entity.

Recent core updates to Google’s ranking algorithm have made it clear that churning out quality content does not help small websites hold themselves against big internet authorities like it used to. Instead, the updates have underscored the critical importance of having a cohesive brand identity, eventually securing them a spot as an entity in the Google Knowledge Graph and linking them to their areas of expertise and trust.

Websites lacking this foundation, like many blogs and especially affiliate websites, have been facing ranking penalties shortly after the rollout of core updates to Google search, particularly the Helpful Content Updates. Meanwhile, established brands have witnessed remarkable surges in traffic and prominence. Other aspects such as backlinks – once a cornerstone of SEO strategy – lost much of their importance and made way for what HECHT INS GEFECHT calls “brand SEO”.

“The recent updates are forcing companies to rethink their entire SEO strategy” says CEO Benny Windolph. “The truth is that the most substantial changes to your ranking are now linked directly to what Google knows about your brand as an entity and which characteristics it connects with it”.

Known aspects that influence the inclusion in the Knowledge Graph are the presence of profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, the amount of Google searches for the brand name and the number of brand mentions on websites, as well as the authoritativeness of the mentioning domains.

To stay visible on Google in the following years, companies should focus on digital PR, ensure their brand remains a topic of discussion, build an authoritative domain with strong content and relevant backlinks, portray a cohesive brand identity to the public and have a web page on their domain that is dedicated specifically to their brand.

In conclusion, as Google’s algorithms evolve and prioritize websites that successfully implement brand SEO, HECHT INS GEFECHT stands as a trusted partner for businesses affected by the core updates as well as strong e-commerce brands seeking to enhance their online visibility even further.


HECHT INS GEFECHT, founded in 2021 and based in Bremen, Germany, is a leading marketing agency in the DACH region, specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising for successful e-commerce brands. For more information, please visit

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