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Humans Market product marketplace launches in Uzbekistan

The Humans company has expanded the range of services in its super-app, with customers now able to order goods through the mobile application. The product marketplace already includes an electronics store and a fresh produce delivery service with more than 5,000 items. The company plans to integrate retail outlets across the country, including markets, supermarkets, book shops, furniture stores, clothes and shoe shops, as well as pharmacies.

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 14th Mar 2024, King NewsWireThe Humans company has announced the initial launch phase of its product marketplace in the super app. This section of the Humans mobile app, called “Humans Market,” to date includes two major categories: Artel Electronics, a leading company in the electronics sector, and product delivery service Humans Yaxshi.

Humans Market product marketplace launches in Uzbekistan

Super-app customers can order delivery of Artel products anywhere in Uzbekistan at regular retail prices, and receive 5% cashback on the purchase price.

The second category, Humans Yaxshi, provides a delivery service for fresh produce. At the launch stage, Humans Yaxshi provides delivery of products from the legendary Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent. Digitisation has been set up for over 3,000 products from the popular Tashkent market. 

There is no price markup on produce. Humans’ Yaxshi products are the same as at the bazaar and the customer even receives 5% cashback from the total amount they spend. Alongside customers selecting fresh produce, the service includes collecting, packaging and delivering orders. Humans Yaxshi also has a two-level quality control system in place, to minimize the risk of a buyer receiving a low-quality product. 

Planned expansion

In the near future, the range of bazaars and supermarkets from which users can place an order will expand beyond Chorsu Bazaar to include other retailers. Humans’ aim is to ensure customers can shop via their mobile from any Uzbek city and have products delivered to their home. 

Humans also plans to release a mobile application soon for sellers to create their own online shop, in 15 minutes, in Humans Market. The seller can register on the platform free, and after verification, publish their goods on the marketplace, and set their own prices. 

Humans Market is designed for both individual entrepreneurs and large retailers. The marketplace model eliminates the intermediary from the sales process and facilitates direct contact with the buyer, which gives the seller complete freedom. 

Transparent pricing

Human’s Market transparent pricing policy allows for a predictable commission percentage, about 10% on average. From this 10%, the Humans Market platform takes 5%, and the other 5% goes to the buyer as cashback. Through the marketplace, sellers can access the entire customer base of the Humans super-app, consisting of over 700,000 weekly users and over 2 million customers in total. 

Vlad Dobrynin, CEO and founder of Humans Group, said: 

“We are creating a comfortable, easy-to-use and lucrative service for day-to-day use. If you want to change your phone package you can do it in 30 seconds. If you want to transfer money to a relative you can with one click and with no commission. If you want fresh produce delivered to your house, get it quickly and with cashback. Our super-app helps people save money and time every day.

“Humans Market is a logical continuation of the eco-system’s development but now we created a service that eliminates the middleman to connect retail buyers and sellers directly. With Humans Market, anyone can sell their goods online without having to invest huge amounts of money in launching an online business, creating a website, or marketing services. 

“Our marketplace currently has two major categories and over 5,000 products. We plan to get sellers from all over Uzbekistan connected to Humans Market, including shops, markets, supermarkets and pharmacies”.

About Humans is a super-app that combines financial services, mobile services, and a product marketplace. The project was launched in June 2020 in Uzbekistan by the Humans Group, which is also developing the employee search platform in the USA. The group’s offices are located in the USA, Uzbekistan, Poland, Singapore and Germany. 

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