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iCEDQ – The data expansion to create new organizational roles

The Extract, Transform and Load, or ETL market has been flat in the previous two decades, with no innovation. It is often the realm of data engineers. It entails transporting data from one or more sources, converting it, and then putting it into a new target system or data warehouse to provide operational BI and reporting. These “Extract, Transform, and traditional ETL platforms” have used the ‘load’ paradigm to handle data. Cloud usage in banking and financial services has resulted in the introduction of newer cloud ETL solutions that function similarly but employ an ELT or Extract, Load, and Transform model instead and load in a cloud environment.

Data expansion has created new organizational positions like data engineers, analysts, etc. These data consumers require a platform that meets their specific needs and expectations while encouraging cooperation, reusability, and extension of data pipelines, data knowledge exchange, and data preparation. Data’s link to the modern company is growing increasingly nuanced. As the number of data sources grows and data formats vary, so does ETL and its role in modern data integration. ETL, originally a straightforward three-step procedure, has grown more complicated and is frequently replaced by ELT, a new data integration technique.

So, with so much shifting in the function of ETL in data integration, it’s worthwhile to examine it thoroughly. The following parts will examine the importance of ETL in today’s current data integration methods, how ETL and ELT compare, and the future of ETL. Torana Inc.’s flagship product is iCEDQ. It is an industry-leading automated data testing and monitoring technology developed to detect data errors in and across structured and semi-structured data. 

Compared to a normal testing regime that tests sample data, iCEDQ can test the complete dataset and provides excellent performance due to its in-memory and scalable cluster-based engine. Customers rely on iCEDQ for Big Data Testing, Cloud Data Migration Testing, Automated ETL/Data Warehouse, Regression Testing, BI Report Testing, and Production Data Monitoring & Compliance. 

What is data integration?

Data integration is the process of converting a range of heterogeneous data formats from many data sources into a single, unified perspective. Because this apparently basic procedure serves as the cornerstone for businesses’ business intelligence operations and business analytics, providing robust data integration processes is critical to practically every other aspect of a company. In today’s corporate environment, data integration and ETL go hand in hand, as it is a critical component of a wider data integration strategy. 

The evolution of ETL

If we go back a decade, data integration looked like this: data was stored in a database, file, or a data warehouse, and while relational databases were highly transactional, the data integration system was more “static” than it is now. This was the golden age of the three-step ETL method – “Extract, Transform, and Load.” Data was transported between source and target a few times each day in this typical ETL system, which relied on an architecture that demanded a high level of IT skill and many developer hours to construct the scripts or software to move the data. 

With the introduction of new technologies, such as data lakes and variable storage formats, the paradigm for conventional data warehousing evolved. Data lakes represented a fundamentally new method of data storage. Data lakes generally hold unprocessed raw data and do not need a well-known, predetermined format. 

iCEDQ – Corporate overview 

iCEDQ is a product of Torana Inc, founded in 2005 by a group of architects to tackle problems with data-centric projects and systems and provide a platform for auditing large-scale enterprises’ data operations. The firm opened a software R&D unit in Nagpur, India, in 2008. Torana Inc employs 120 developers, architects, analysts, and consultants in the United States and India.

Sandesh Gawande founded the firm and acted as its Chief Technical Officer (CTO). At the same time, Smita Gawande serves as its CEO and leads the operations and business in India and the United States. Shrikant Patil is in charge of product development and customer success, while Shyam Khakre oversees technical operations in India.

Torana Inc released the Big Data Edition of the iCEDQ platform in May 2018. This version of the program was released to help businesses test their migration to Hadoop or Big Data environments, and the following year, in January, Torana Inc released the BI Testing and Report Testing module for iCEDQ.

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