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Immutable X and MoonPaw Partner To Benefit Charities and Social Impact Projects

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United States, 11th Aug 2022 – MoonPaw, which was co-founded by Prem Aghera and Liam Peeters, recently made a quantum leap by partnering with Immutable X to foster businesses, organizations, and charities that support social change.

Fundamentally, MoonPaw assists charities and social impact organizations in utilizing blockchain and NFTs for their mission – wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability.

MoonPaw has previously partnered with and donated almost $70,000 USD across numerous charitable organizations, including Geelong Animal Rescue, Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary and The Orangutan Project. Additionally, their support of Rocket Dog Rescue was acknowledged by Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin.

Immutable focuses on “Layer 2” technology, which enables users to develop and trade NFTs on Ethereum with faster transactions, no gas fees, and—possibly most importantly—100% Carbon Neutrality.

Immutable Studios, an NFT game creation studio, and Immutable X, an industry-leading NFT minting and trading platform, are helping to advance the NFT industry.

Immutable’s aim and vision is to “make digital worlds real” and open up the possibilities of what residents of digital worlds can create and trade through the strength of immutable NFTs. Immutable is at the vanguard of the multi-billion dollar global NFT business and economy.

“The partnership with IMX means MoonPaw can deliver projects for our Charity Partners and social impact clients on a network that is ecologically friendly and supports our sustainability values”, says the MoonPaw team.

The ultimate purpose of MoonPaw is to help de-stigmatize the blockchain industry and shine a positive light on how it can be used for good causes when the correct technologies are used and when organizations with similar values are partnered.

About MoonPaw

MoonPaw is urging more charities to get in touch via their email if they want to leverage web 3.0 for their cause ( Currently, they are working on a project called the Roo Mob Barbershop, which focuses on regenerative farming through NFT gaming.

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