Introducing the KOOP360 “KOOP Wallet” Phase 01 Referral Program: Welcome to 2023


Introducing the KOOP Wallet  – a non-custodial solution for managing your digital assets on seven popular blockchains, including BTC, ETH, BSC, LTC, TRON, MATIC and CELO

  • Download KOOP Wallet – Google Play Store
  • Referral Program is for the INITIAL 01 MILLION KOOPERS
  • Invite people and earn KOOP Tokens.
  • Download & Create Main wallet and multiple chains’ supplementary wallets within main wallet account!
  • Secure: Each non-custodial wallet (Main or Supplementary) has its own Private key to import and keep it safe and secure 
  • Send, Receive and Hold your assets from 07 different public blockchain platforms!
  • Maximize the benefits of your KOOP Earnings through referrals & affiliates!   

Referral Code – Ask from your Referrer please.

Download and Create Main Wallet Reward5,000 KOOP 

(To receive the KOOP Tokens Reward, kindly press the “Claim Reward” Button, appeared at the Referral and Reward page and the reward tokens will be received accordingly in a timely manner by the KOOPER). 

Each Referral Reward10,000 KOOP.

Chatting Incentive (Create your username & chat with 05 KOOPERS) – 5,000 KOOP (Chat Feature – Coming Soon)

First username is FREE. Edit or change of the username FEE will be 10,000 KOOP(Feature – Coming Soon)

We are not done yet. KOOP360 is excited to announce the roadmap of next phases for their exceptional KOOP Wallet

PHASE 02: A unique wallet to wallet blockchain based chatting feature, that will be supported for different blockchains with one-touch crypto fund transfer feature (through instant verification). VR and AR experiences with point-to-point chatting will be an additional feature to bring in our core Metaverse adoption.

PHASE 03: DAPP Browser – State-of-the-art KOOP Wallet DApp browser to access the DApps effortlessly and take the maximum benefits and advantages of decentralized applications.

PHASE 04: SWAP your crypto assets within specific blockchain (for 07 blockchains) will be added after the detailed analysis.

PHASE 05: BRIDGE to support different blockchain assets instant swap without switching among the chains. A very challenging feature, that will be launched with security of the protocols and testing of the bugs to avoid any hacks and intrusions.   

PHASE 06: BUY your crypto assets with debit and credit cards through our secure platform.

PHASE 07: iOS version of our app will be released after the complete operational testing of our ANDROID App including all of the phases and their features with functional outputs. 

KOOP360 team and management are on track of developing an ecosystem from the basics that will merge with the future of the advanced Metaverse Technology.

Terms & Conditions

KOOP360 will officially announce the launch of KOOP Wallet at Play Store by January 16, 2023, and the KOOP Wallet will be under LIVE QA Technical and Bug Testing phase till then, and any bad comment / criticism about app is totally worthless, before officially announced.   

Gratitude to those Influencers, YouTubers and Promoters, who have promoted our KOOP Wallet application, through their own participation and efforts. KOOP Tokens’ referral program is for consistent wallet users. We are not much worried about Airdrop participants, and always appreciate constant KOOP Wallet users / KOOPERS.

Referral KOOP Tokens – To receive the KOOP Tokens Reward, kindly press the “Claim Reward” Button, appeared at the Referral and Reward Page 

KOOP Wallet is 100% Non-custodial and Decentralized system without any influence of any person, company, or entity. It does not take any information while downloading / creating / signing up, as well as it is not able to keep or share any information of its users / KOOPERS.

My Key I My Funds – MANDATORY to keep your PRIVATE KEY secure by yourself as back up. 

Multi Wallets creation under KOOP Main Wallet limit is set to the maximum number of 10.

KOOP Tokens are under 2nd phase of Private Sale and two more phases of Private Sale and Public Sale will be processed before listing the tokens. We have mega deployments under testing & development, and the whole ecosystem will be potentially viable in terms of KOOP Tokens’ evaluation in future (not a financial advice)

Patience is the key and All the Best to our Consistent KOOPERS. Happy 2023 with downloading, utilizing, and referring more KOOP Wallet!


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State: Wyoming

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